Meet a few leaders that we have been collaborating with and what they have got to say.


CEO & Founder, BHYND

“I cannot recommend working with Ric and his ‘Design for tomorrow‘ team enough. I have worked with a lot of creative agencies over the course of the past years and I found that working with Ric and ‘Design for tomorrow’ was by far the best professional experience concluding in the most beneficial results I have ever had.

The team showed an in-depth understanding of our industry and was able to super quickly wrap their head around our new product. Even though being situated in a business context, I very much appreciated the welcoming and friendly atmosphere the team was successful to create in our meetings and during our entire collaboration.

Ric and his team were able to bring the vision I had in my head but was not able to implement to life. They showed me what is waiting there outside the box and made it possible for me to see a clear vision for our product. DFT guided me through the process thoroughly which in the end resulted in a clear brand image and strategy for the challenges ahead.

Ric, thank you so much for all the support. I’m very much looking forward to working together on our next project!”


CEO, Founders Beauty

“As an entrepreneur, launching Founders Beauty, and giving it an identity was extremely difficult for me to do all on my own. I remember it like it was yesterday, meeting with countless firms, explaining my vision, our mission as a brand and the goals I had, over and over and over again. It was an interesting process, entering each meeting with gusto and excitement and then leaving wondering if the firm I was meeting was right for us. Then I met Ric, and the team at Design For Tomorrow, which is exactly what I wanted, I wanted a brand of the future. True enough, as they always have from start to finish, Ric and his team have blown us away. They are the only branding firm who truly understood what we were going for. They were able to encapsulate what seemed to be impossible for me to do, into one vision, one icon, and yet somehow through that illustrate that Beauty truly knows no bounds at Founders Beauty. Their flair for the avant-garde, and zeal for creating the best is why they are able to truly design for tomorrow.”


Director, FMB Architects
Australia, International

“I worked with Ric on the super luxurious ELURIA residential apartment development located in Makati, Philippines for Arthaland. He is a very talented “big ideas” person and I would highly recommend him to give you that edge in your next campaign!”