Bhumi: Landscape Architecture Branding Design

Crafting an expressive brand for a design consortium

A consortium of a top Thai landscape architect, two Filipina interior design superstars, a Spanish architect, and a young driving force in Philippine agriculture and social enterprise invited Design For Tomorrow to solidify the partnership with a representative logo.

DFT accepted the challenge and assembled a conceptual foundation inspired by topographic maps, landscape terrains, a harmonious Zen garden, and maternal shapes symbolizing earth and fertility.

The logotype exudes a vaguely oriental characteristic to complement the name. It employs an atypical sanserif typeface with unusual discreet serif features. The oriental vibe is carried further by graphic patterns lifted from the icon’s different parts and used as a secondary brand language.

These elements are applied throughout a suite of collaterals, architectural blueprints, and the promotional and presentation materials for the design collective.

With the challenge accepted, Design For Tomorrow (DFT) embarked on the task of creating a representative logo for the consortium consisting of a top Thai landscape architect, two Filipina interior design superstars, a Spanish architect, and a young driving force in Philippine agriculture and social enterprise. The goal was to solidify their partnership and showcase their collective expertise in a visually compelling manner.

Drawing inspiration from various sources, DFT established a conceptual foundation for the logo design. Topographic maps served as a starting point, symbolizing the diverse landscapes that the consortium members navigate in their respective fields. The idea of landscape terrains represented not only the physical environments they work with but also the challenges they aim to overcome together which is a powerful emphasis on their Landscape Architecture Branding Design.

To evoke a sense of harmony and tranquility, DFT incorporated elements inspired by Zen gardens. The Zen garden, with its carefully arranged rocks, sand, and raked patterns, embodies balance, mindfulness, and a connection to nature. This element reflected the consortium’s shared commitment to creating spaces and designs that promote well-being and serenity.

In addition, the logo design embraced maternal shapes to symbolize the Earth and fertility. These shapes represented the nurturing aspect of the consortium’s work and their dedication to sustainable and environmentally conscious design practices. By incorporating these elements, DFT aimed to communicate the consortium’s focus on creating spaces that harmonize with their surroundings while promoting growth and vitality.

To further enhance the oriental vibe, DFT utilized graphic patterns extracted from different parts of the logo icon. These patterns were incorporated into the overall visual identity, serving as a secondary brand language. By integrating these patterns into a suite of collaterals, architectural blueprints, and promotional materials, DFT ensured a cohesive and distinctive brand presence for the consortium.

The suite of collaterals included a range of materials such as business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, all featuring the representative logo and its accompanying design elements. These items served as tangible representations of the consortium’s professionalism and expertise, reinforcing their credibility in the industry.

Architectural blueprints were also a key component of the design materials. By incorporating the logo and the visual identity into these blueprints, DFT showcased how the consortium’s combined talents and knowledge could shape and transform physical spaces. The blueprints became a visual testament to the consortium’s ability to translate innovative ideas into practical and tangible architectural designs.

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Client Bhumi International Industry Design Discipline Branding, Design LocationThailand/Philippines

Logo and Identity Designer Shintaro Lopez Art Directors Bonnapart Galeng, Shintaro Lopez Collaborators TROP : Terrains + Open Space, Atelier Almario, Agrea Account Director Roman Roxas