Bolero: Restaurant / Food & Beverage Branding Design Philippines

Bold expressions of a restobar highlighting the best of day and night dining

The culinary scene in Manila is fiercely competitive as dining experiences become not only the talk of the town but a showcase of one-upmanship.

Food & beverage brand design must be elevated to stand out amongst the vast array of equally excellent options. Despite the big risks of running a restaurant brand and the aggressiveness of competition, a band of intrepid, creative entrepreneurs envisioned an all-day-all-night place of “gastro-orgasmic” experiences from dawn to dawn.

This necessitated the creation of a restaurant brand from scratch. Something that imbues the spirit of refined gastronomy, flair, fun, and the joyful sense of Iberian buena vida.

Conceptualized by a consortium of an architect, a celebrated chef, and a seasoned marketing executive, along with their Filipino partners, tasked Design For Tomorrow to articulate the vision, define the differentiating elements, develop an unconventional identity, and create a distinct brand world for the exciting new venture.

DFT took on the challenge with mucho gusto. This became the genesis of the brand Bolero. The name expresses a sense of indulgence, mischief, and an appetite for delightful experiences, whilst also having dual language connotations. Bolero is also partly inspired by an iconic garment, a spirited dance characterized by sharp turns, dramatic pauses, and rhythmic stomping of the feet, as well as the orchestral music of Maurice Ravel. In the Philippines, bolero also means a suave, sweet-talking, and charismatic person.

Bolero takes on another passionate tradition of dancing along with great tapas and merriment of liquors at night while offering great culinary brunch and dinner explorations during the day.

Having locked in the name, DFT built a very bold and cheeky identity based on references ranging from surrealist art, vintage culinary posters, and hedonistic literature. A custom-developed wordmark became a bespoke graphic representation of the brand.

Owing up to the bold and daring concept, the wordmark is then imposed with a signature red bar, signaling the demarcation between day and night, and the line that goes between simply eating with friends and having the time of your life. It also connotes the fine line between leisure and pleasure.

The expressive identity is amplified by a vintner red palette, complemented with tongue-in-cheek copywriting, titillating the audience to discover what lies beneath the red strip.

The final restaurant branding and identity design is an exploration of anything and everything in between, swinging from gastronomy to theatricality with a suite of applications that aligns with Bolero’s aimed audiences of international expats, sophisticated locals, and cosmopolitan revelers.

Bolero’s splashy yet cultivated identity has mood, verve, unmistakable sense of self, encapsulating the restaurant’s food, environment, concept, and vibe, creating an atmosphere that is all the more seductive to the senses.

Bolero is coming soon to Fort Bonifacio! Follow them for opening announcements via Instagram.

Bolero brand identity in motion.
Bolero custom wordmark concept sketch, the foundation of the restaurant’s bold new identity.
Bolero logo animation.
A suite of visual assets expressing the spirit of the Bolero brand.
The Bolero brand collaterals.
Bolero brand merchandise.
Bolero’s digital applications.
Delivery box, a part of the extensive brand packaging design.


Co-Founder, Estudio Arkipelago, Bolero
Philippines, Spain

“Everything changes once you have Design For Tomorrow by your side. Now, I can’t imagine starting a new project without them. They add a whole new level of excitement to the design process. Let me tell you, once you’ve experienced their magic, there’s no turning back.

As an Architect, it’s crucial to help clients articulate their vision before diving into hospitality design. With Design For Tomorrow, it’s like watching a wild and captivating dance unfold. From the organized first steps to the mind-blowing and unexpected endings, their creativity knows no bounds.

But I haven’t just observed their brilliance from the sidelines. As an adventurous entrepreneur, I’ve embarked on my own paths with them at my side. I must admit, I’m a bit of a nightmare for DFT, pushing the boundaries with my relentless passion. Yet, time and time again, they manage to exceed my wildest expectations and unleash a whole new level of design brilliance.

What started as a professional collaboration has blossomed into a lifetime friendship with Ric Gindap, whom I consider a mentor. Together with his extraordinary team, they continue to inspire and surprise us all. I couldn’t be more grateful for stumbling upon this extraordinary partnership.

Thank you, Design For Tomorrow, for bringing more than just design to the table. You’ve infused my projects with a playful spirit and turned them into remarkable adventures. Here’s to a lifetime of unforgettable collaborations.”

Luis De Isasa Muñoz

Co-Founder, Bolero
Philippines, Spain

“From the very beginning, Ric, Shin and the rest of the team displayed a remarkable level of interest by asking insightful questions and delving into the smallest details in order to fully grasp our vision and idea. Their dedication to understanding our needs precisely was evident throughout the entire process.

During the initial presentation, they excited us with a solid concept that included the current logo, color palette, and a distinctive line that is now consistently incorporated into all our iconographies. Furthermore, their approach to receiving feedback was constructive, as they actively sought ways to improve and offered brilliant ideas and solutions. They played a crucial role in helping us articulate our thoughts and translate them into effective communication.

In summary, Design For Tomorrow exceeded our expectations with their passion, attention to detail, and ability to transform ideas into impactful visuals.”

Fernando Alcalá

Co-Founder, Bolero

“We are delighted to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional work you have done as a designer for our upcoming restaurant, Bolero, in Manila. From day one, you have demonstrated great talent and creativity in designing our logo and providing us with innovative ideas for our future advertising campaigns.

We greatly appreciate your dedication and professionalism at every step of the process. The logo you have created perfectly captures the essence of our restaurant, and we firmly believe it will be a key factor in our future success.

Your meticulous attention to detail and ability to understand and exceed our expectations inspire confidence in your work. We are excited for the ongoing collaboration with you as we embark on this new venture.

Once again, we thank you for your excellent work, and we look forward to witnessing how your creativity and skills will help us achieve success in the future.

With appreciation, Fernando and the Bolero team”

Client Bolero Industry Hospitality, Entertaining Discipline Branding, Design, Packaging Location BGC, Taguig City, Philippines

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