Luminisce: Dermatology Marketing

Branding and positioning for a leading brand in premium skincare and beauty

Having earned her Diploma in Dermatology and Master of Science in Clinical Dermatology in London, wellness expert and health advocate Dr. Kristina Reyes engaged Design For Tomorrow in 2012 to create a skincare and beauty brand from the ground up. The local skincare and beauty industry then was not only a crowded sector, but there was also a prevalence of low-price and mid-quality offerings that saturated the market.

How Dermatology Marketing Was Utilized For Luminisce

DFT studied the market, profiled potential customers, and mapped out the industry for untapped opportunities. We then advised the founder not to go into the mid-to-low category and instead narrow the focus on a premium segment that demands high quality and is willing to pay for it. It was a risky strategy.

Business Name Generation

Once the strategic foundation is defined and approved, DFT embarked on creating the brand from scratch, starting with the name – Luminisce is an abbreviation of luminescence, which promises healthy, glowing skin. Sleek and stylish typography paired with a sophisticated icon design creates a brand with a perception of being established yet exudes modernity, luxury, and timeless elegance – cornerstones of the dermatology marketing strategy chosen to encapsulate what Luminisce offers.

Luminisce quickly established itself as a worthy challenger in the sector and, over a decade on, has grown to be one of the leading brands in the industry. The brand gained a loyal following, won esteem and awards and carved a trusted reputation for quality and innovation.

Product Packaging Design

DFT was recently engaged once more to work on their dermatology marketing strategy, this time to update product packaging, marketing collaterals and took over the Luminisce Instagram account to bring in consistency and fix some brand drifts over the years.

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Dermatology Brand Product Packaging Design
Dermatology Brand Product Packaging Design
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