ActiveTV: Media Company Rebranding

Reframing the identity for a Melbourne-founded media company

activeTV, founded in Melbourne and operating from its base in Singapore, is an award-winning media producer of hit franchise shows in Asia along with a string of independently-produced television series, content, activation initiatives, and events.

Combining the experience of Emmy Award-winning producers and cutting-edge digital strategists, activeTV Digital also specializes in bite-sized programming and branded content for online platforms. With its awareness that an advertiser will unlikely be satisfied with a single media outlet for their message in today’s media landscape.

With a heavy push for digital content, newly independent ownership, the rapidly changing media consumption habits, a saturated sector it is operating in, the need to revitalize the brand prompted activeTV to reach out to Design For Tomorrow for a logo redesign.

We began the assignment by assessing the old logo and its corresponding equity. We then engaged the key decision-makers to define a framework. The resulting work is a framing icon that doubles as a dynamic placeholder of varied content it produces. The logo also echoes the @ character – one of the most ubiquitous symbols of the digital world.

The evolution brings a bold, more flexible brand that can adapt to future potential brand extensions across multiple platforms while retaining its expressive visual brand identity.

ActiveTV Typography
ActiveTV Logo White
ActiveTV Logo Black


ActiveTV Brand Extensions
ActiveTV Decal Camera and Mic
ActiveTV Decal Company Car

Client ActiveTV Industry Media, Entertainment Discipline Branding, Design Location Singapore

Logo Designers Ric Gindap, Elizabeth Teotico, Marlon Lacanilao Art Directors Elizabeth Teotico, Marlon Lacanilao Designers Rashina Tuazon, Shintaro Lopez Account Manager Roman Roxas