We work well with visionaries, mavericks, and people with well-defined sense of purpose.
Meet a few leaders that we have been collaborating with and what they have got to say.

Illustrations by José Prieto-Sacro



CEO & Founder, BHYND

“I cannot recommend working with Ric and his ‘Design for tomorrow‘ team enough. I have worked with a lot of creative agencies over the course of the past years and I found that working with Ric and ‘Design for tomorrow’ was by far the best professional experience concluding in the most beneficial results I have ever had.

The team showed an in-depth understanding of our industry and was able to super quickly wrap their head around our new product. Even though being situated in a business context, I very much appreciated the welcoming and friendly atmosphere the team was successful to create in our meetings and during our entire collaboration.

Ric and his team were able to bring the vision I had in my head but was not able to implement to life. They showed me what is waiting there outside the box and made it possible for me to see a clear vision for our product. DFT guided me through the process thoroughly which in the end resulted in a clear brand image and strategy for the challenges ahead.

Ric, thank you so much for all the support. I’m very much looking forward to working together on our next project!”


Editorial Manager, Thames & Hudson
London, United Kingdom

“Ric was commissioned to design an architecture/design monograph for Thames & Hudson. He was a delight to work with throughout the process and was always willing and enthusiastic. He took all feedback on board and we are delighted with the elegant final book he has helped create.”


Principal, Buensalido Architects
Philippines, International

“Ric Gindap, or Señor as I fondly call him, is one of the most intelligent minds in the creative industry.

Whether it is about branding, idea-generation, strategy, or just life in general, he always applies an approach that is centered on critical-thinking and empathy.

We have had countless 2 or 3 hour conversations over the past 15 years that I have known him, and I still learn something new from him every time.

There are a lot of branding agencies out there, but if you want a group that really listens to you in an empathetic way, really tries to extract what you mean and what your objectives are beyond what you are saying; Design For Tomorrow, the group he leads, is the perfect match for you. Furthermore, when he visually articulates your personal or company identity, he is able to do so with a consistent sophisticated aesthetic and sensibility, that often translates to timelessness.

Simply put, he is presently one of the best branding minds in the industry.”


Partner, Tancinco + Mangco

It is not customary for law firms, or lawyers in general, to think about the importance of branding beyond the clothes we choose to put on and the logo we display. So when I met Ric and his team, I was floored by the ideas that we were presented with. I never imagined that even our practice, something mostly taken as boring and gray, could be viewed in such an exciting and creative way. Design For Tomorrow was able to bring meaning to the signs and symbols that we present to our clients, and to the colors and hues that we surround ourselves with.

It was wonderful sharing our dreams with DFT and watching them create not just an image of the firm, but a story that vividly captures not just who we are now, but who we will be in the years to come.”


Managing Director, Grumman Holdings

“Ric always find a way to put together to deliver the most comprehensive and effective branding solutions. The best part of working with Ric to be able to see his passion in all his works. I am glad I get to recommend Ric.”



Co-Founder, Kind Kones
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ric and the team on the rebrand of Kind Kones. They were incredibly patient and were able to match our vision in a completely bespoke manner. They took the time to listen to our ideas but also brought fresh ideas to the table along with their experience and creativity. Despite being geographically separated, it was a seamless experience and the end result exceeded our expectations. I’d highly recommend Ric and his team!”


Founder, SLD Group
Hong Kong, China

“Thank you Ric Gindap for meticulously curating the graphic aspects of this beautiful book.


Editor-in-Chief, Design Anthology
Melbourne, Australia; Hong Kong, China

“I cannot recommend Ric Gindap and his highly skilled team at Design For Tomorrow more highly. We’ve collaborated on two projects now – a project for a private client of DFT in Manila where I was commissioned to write text, and another for Thames & Hudson where Ric was brought on to design the publication that I was editing. Ric is creative, insightful, organised and always full of energy – and lots of laughs! I look forward to collaborating again in the near future.”


Head of Marketing, Meralco

“Ric is probably peerless in brand development / refresh work. Great to collaborate with, bringing depth and insight to the table, but not for the faint of heart nor cerebrum nor bougette.”


CEO, Founders Beauty

“As an entrepreneur, launching Founders Beauty, and giving it an identity was extremely difficult for me to do all on my own. I remember it like it was yesterday, meeting with countless firms, explaining my vision, our mission as a brand and the goals I had, over and over and over again. It was an interesting process, entering each meeting with gusto and excitement and then leaving wondering if the firm I was meeting was right for us. Then I met Ric, and the team at Design For Tomorrow, which is exactly what I wanted, I wanted a brand of the future. True enough, as they always have from start to finish, Ric and his team have blown us away. They are the only branding firm who truly understood what we were going for. They were able to encapsulate what seemed to be impossible for me to do, into one vision, one icon, and yet somehow through that illustrate that Beauty truly knows no bounds at Founders Beauty. Their flair for the avant-garde, and zeal for creating the best is why they are able to truly design for tomorrow.”


Executive VP & Treasurer, Arthaland

“I truly enjoyed working with Ric and the Design For Tomorrow team for the branding of ArthaLand, our sustainable real estate company in the Philippines. He and the team were able to link and articulate our company vision and values with the redesigned company logo and slogan. Looking forward to working with him and his team on our future projects.”


Co-Founder & Principal Designer, Atelier Almario
Philippines, International

“Funny with a wicked wit. Amazing writer especially when provoked. A lover of Fonts, who worships at the Altar of great Graphics. Consumes and collects books and magazines with wanton abandon makes Ric, deeply insightful, madly incisive, and wildly interesting. As Chief Strategist for Design for Tomorrow, he brings all of these passions to play. Atelier Almario is luckiest when we collaborate on a project as Ric starts the ball rolling with a brilliant narrative, that becomes the spine, from which we flesh out our built work. The seamlessness of the Branding is felt in every touchpoint. With DFT’s tongue-in-cheek playmaking all roads lead, unapologetically, to solid Placemaking. DFT is my kind of WOW!”


Co-Founder & Principal Designer, Atelier Almario
Philippines, International

“We affectionately refer to each other as “happiness,” so when the decision was made to revamp our logo, it was an obvious choice to turn to Ric Gindap of Design for Tomorrow. The entire process was incredibly collaborative; Ric took the time to interview Ivy and me, engaging in insightful conversations about the essence of Atelier Almario. What I truly appreciate about Ric is his hands-on approach in developing our monogram. As someone with a passion for colors, I was actively involved in selecting the perfect hues. Ric presented two design directions to our team, and although one felt very current, we ultimately opted for the one with timeless appeal. The final result – an exquisite bespoke monogram – truly surpassed our expectations. Its captivating and impactful graphic quality is not only visually stunning but also imbued with a lyrical and playful essence. This harmonious blend perfectly reflects the essence of our endearing moniker “happiness” and our unwavering commitment to infuse joy into each other’s lives. I recommend working with Ric and his amazing team. Their exceptional talent and dedication to perfection have created a tangible representation of Atelier Almario that is truly one-of-a-kind.”


Director, FMB Architects
Australia, International

“I worked with Ric on the super luxurious ELURIA residential apartment development located in Makati, Philippines for Arthaland. He is a very talented “big ideas” person and I would highly recommend him to give you that edge in your next campaign!”


Chairperson & CEO, Global City Mandaue (GCM)

“Working with DFT from beginning to end was such a pleasure. They were able to articulate my vision for Global City Mandaue into a single, unified brand. Ric’s amazing attention to detail is impeccable. You can rely on DFT to develop an efficient business marketing solution for your company taking into account the entire client experience. Working with them was such a seamless process. I’m glad we were able to collaborate for Global City Mandaue’s branding.”


CEO & Founding Farmer, Agrea

“Creative, compassionate, futuristic in thinking and top notched professionalism combined makes him an excellent designer, a brand strategist and a leader on his field. Always top of his game. I worked with Ric for 12 years, he delivers beyond expectations and a delight to work with. His enthusiasm and compassion exudes in every brand he creates. He could turn a product into a most-sought brand in the market, he could make an idea into a best selling brand, he could make every client a successful entrepreneur with his relentless support of creating a brand architecture that leads the business growth, and is legacy building. Very approachable, fun and not boring to with at all. Lastly, he is a branding guru with a big heart who has been doing pro-bono work to causes he believes in despite his busy schedule. He will make time as long as it is align to his values, principles and of great purpose for others. He is a human being, he simplifies the essence of humanity in every brand he makes.”


President & CEO, Bayad

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ric and the whole Design For Tomorrow team. Through their creative genius and expertise in branding, we were able to successfully pivot Bayad Center, known to the public as an outsourced payment collection center, into Bayada full-service fintech service provider offering a multitude of financial products and services to individuals and businesses alike.”

Wynn Wynn Ong Illustration


Designer & Founder, Artisanal Works
Myanmar, Philippines

“I started as Ric’s client for one branding project and ended up working with him on many successive ventures both here and abroad. The level of commitment shown by him, as well as the team he so ably led, was unparalled.

He is incisive in analyzing a client’s needs and reading the market the client serves. I would not hesitate to work with Ric or his company again, regardless of the size of the project. He makes a project seamless.”


COO, Global City Mandaue (GCM)

DFT has been very instrumental in helping us craft the whole Global City Mandaue Branding Strategy. This will clearly guide us on a step-by-step process as we embark on implementing  the various zones of the Global City in the next decade.”


Head Enterprise Marketing, Meralco

“Ric’s approach is very client-centric. He listens intently to the needs of the client and makes both creative and practical recommendations, while also pointing out if some of client requests may not be practical. The creative designs are logical, even science-based, sleek and functional.”


Co-Founder, Estudio Arkipelago, Bolero
Philippines, Spain

“Everything changes once you have Design for Tomorrow by your side. Now, I can’t imagine starting a new project without them. They add a whole new level of excitement to the design process. Let me tell you, once you’ve experienced their magic, there’s no turning back.

As an Architect, it’s crucial to help clients articulate their vision before diving into hospitality design. With Design for Tomorrow, it’s like watching a wild and captivating dance unfold. From the organized first steps to the mind-blowing and unexpected endings, their creativity knows no bounds.

But I haven’t just observed their brilliance from the sidelines. As an adventurous entrepreneur, I’ve embarked on my own paths with them at my side. I must admit, I’m a bit of a nightmare for DFT, pushing the boundaries with my relentless passion. Yet, time and time again, they manage to exceed my wildest expectations and unleash a whole new level of design brilliance.

What started as a professional collaboration has blossomed into a lifetime friendship with Ric Gindap, whom I consider a mentor. Together with his extraordinary team, they continue to inspire and surprise us all. I couldn’t be more grateful for stumbling upon this extraordinary partnership.

Thank you, Design for Tomorrow, for bringing more than just design to the table. You’ve infused my projects with a playful spirit and turned them into remarkable adventures. Here’s to a lifetime of unforgettable collaborations.”


Co-Founder, Bolero
Philippines, Spain

“From the very beginning, Ric, Shin and the rest of the team displayed a remarkable level of interest by asking insightful questions and delving into the smallest details in order to fully grasp our vision and idea. Their dedication to understanding our needs precisely was evident throughout the entire process.

During the initial presentation, they excited us with a solid concept that included the current logo, color palette, and a distinctive line that is now consistently incorporated into all our iconographies. Furthermore, their approach to receiving feedback was constructive, as they actively sought ways to improve and offered brilliant ideas and solutions. They played a crucial role in helping us articulate our thoughts and translate them into effective communication.

In summary, Design for Tomorrow exceeded our expectations with their passion, attention to detail, and ability to transform ideas into impactful visuals.”


Director of Marketing, Ayala Malls

“Working and collaborating with Ric and his fantastic team in DFT is such a joy. Since I started working with him for specific projects in Alveo Land, to Ayala Land Premier, and now in Ayala Malls, all the insights and ideas shared undoubtedly level up the team’s output and exceeded our expectations. His sense of taste is impeccable. His team’s attention to detail is impressive. Ric was never short in sharing his thoughts and recommendations to address any concerns and challenges faced, treating our projects, whether they may be big or small in scale, equally. Ric with DFT is one I constantly rely on for my strategic branding, marketing, and creative requirements.”


Co-Founder, Bolero

“We are delighted to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional work you have done as a designer for our upcoming restaurant, Bolero, in Manila. From day one, you have demonstrated great talent and creativity in designing our logo and providing us with innovative ideas for our future advertising campaigns.

We greatly appreciate your dedication and professionalism at every step of the process. The logo you have created perfectly captures the essence of our restaurant, and we firmly believe it will be a key factor in our future success.

Your meticulous attention to detail and ability to understand and exceed our expectations inspire confidence in your work. We are excited for the ongoing collaboration with you as we embark on this new venture.

Once again, we thank you for your excellent work, and we look forward to witnessing how your creativity and skills will help us achieve success in the future.

With appreciation, Fernando and the Bolero team”


Head of Property Services Group, Unilab

“As a service department in a pharmaceutical company, the question of whether branding is an element vital to this kind of back-of-house operations. The question resurrected again, when two service groups were consolidated into one larger division.  The reality begged that every service rendered needed to project consistency, quality, and meet customer touchpoints. So, we revisited branding as a possible approach, and that’s where Design for Tomorrow came into the picture.

DFT presented to us things we knew about ourselves, but also relayed elements in us that we were not aware of. As a service group rendering over 20 different and varied services to the company, the essence of maintaining a brand became visible. This brand provided us with an identity we could all associate with. Even so, it was something we could be proud of. DFT worked on our identity, our logo, and even our manifesto… all of which, more than eight years later, are still in place in our group culture.”


Previous AVP for Marketing, Eton Properties

“My experience working with Design for Tomorrow was a great example of how collaboration between clients and agency can work beautifully. The branding work they were tasked to take on was challenging, but in the end, DFT gave us a good proposal that was not only visually gorgeous but also inspiring. They did an extensive review of our company processes and culture, and provided branding solutions. Branding helps shape the culture of the company and Ric and his diligent team of creative thinkers helped us realize that.”


Director, Leechiu Property Consultants

“DFT’s creativity and originality sets them apart from the rest. We were delightfully surprised at the depth and breadth of their insights. They distill the studies and suggestions to craft very strong branding strategies appropriate for our projects. Couple this with their professionalism, they are definitely a top-shelf team!”


President, Waterstone
Myanmar, Philippines

“Ric Gindap is a seasoned professional that can be trusted to come up with creative and effective business marketing solutions that is tailor-fit to the needs of the customer. We were very satisfied with the services that his group performed and delivered on time for our business.”

Christine Yambao


Customer Engagement Head, Ayala Malls

“Handpicking Design For Tomorrow as our creative partner for the Ayala Malls 2021 Christmas campaign was an easy decision to make. We are very much aware of how much thought and soul Ric and his team pour into every work they produce, and we definitely wanted (and needed) a meaningful campaign this year— being mindful of the situation and plight of many, while still effectively communicating, with a lot of heart and warmth, what Ayala Malls has to offer to the community.

From the stirring exchanges during brainstorming to the dynamic presentation of their thought-provoking manifesto and refreshing visuals, collaborating with the creative minds of Design For Tomorrow will always be an exciting and inspiring process!”


Head of Marketing, Bayad

“Bayad Center has been a household name for our nanays and tatays over the past 2 decades. It has been synonymous to bills payment with a loyal following of 10 million monthly payors, reason why the idea of a brand transformation was both a daunting and exciting task for us.

As the market continues to evolve, so must we, and Ric’s team of extraordinary men and women made the whole brand transformation journey of Bayad a pleasurable and delightful exercise for all of us. From the audit series to the brand strategy, design execution, and launch, DFT’s passion and dedication to their craft was very well demonstrated in how they made sure we understood and took to heart the value of each activity.

The evolution of Bayad Center to Bayad, from an over-the-counter payment collection service to a full-service fintech company, from a traditional to a younger, more modern image, would not have achieved this level of success if not for their guidance. Looking forward to future collaborations, thank you Ric and DFT team!”


President, Aurora Suites

“Ric and the rest of the DFT team bring excitement to your brand, which transcends from day one when you meet them, all the way to your audience. 

Their framework, coupled with their respective personalities and skillsets, allows them to easily concretize your brand value and create a comprehensive plan that can clearly communicate it to your target market. 

But, the best intangible takeaway from working with DFT is the relationship you build with them. Definitely goes beyond your work ties and, instead, something you value having a personal relationship with.”


Co-Founder, Lamana

“Meticulous and articulate, Ric is always a thrill to collaborate with. He is brimming with ideas and produces stellar and sophisticated work.”


President, Global Electric Transport

“Ric is a master storyteller. He takes the time to know your business, figure out what you want to do and where you want to go, and then helps you to get there. If you’re stuck in a rut give Ric a call and he should be able to give you the design and creativity boost you and your firm need.”

Cindy Xi Chen

Founder, Villa Aether/The Holistic Way
Hong Kong, International

“It has been an incredible journey starting my own brand with the wonderful help from Ric and his team. They are super passionate, creative, and really take the time to understand your vision and help you figure out how to reach there. Thanks a lot to them, I was able to get my brand off the ground quickly and smoothly. And it’s such an enjoyable and enriching experience working with the team too – I love their soulful approach to business and they have always made me feel I’m not just a client of theirs but also their family.”


CEO, Cocopan

“Our team selected Design For Tomorrow to breathe life into our startup brand because of the sincere enthusiasm displayed by Ric and his team. Among all the design firms we approached, they were the ones who truly understood our concept and genuinely believed in our vision. Working with the DFT team was not only a pleasure but also very productive. They exhibited great responsiveness to feedback and an unwavering commitment to infuse our brand identity into every facet of their work, whether it was crafting captivating visuals or developing our brand’s unique voice. The output of their creative work gave us the confidence that our brand will surely stand out in a fiercely competitive market.”


CEO & Founder, Coach Anda

“One of the best decisions I made for my business was to get Design for Tomorrow. They were able to read exactly who I was as a coach and they used my strengths to create the design for my brand.

Every step of the way was on point and seamless. The team has a combination of being highly skilled in their craft and also genuinely care for the clients. I am so grateful that I found them. They are just what I needed to take my business to the next level.”


Previous CEO, Landco; CEO, Alexcy Corp.

“Ric is certainly one of the most energetic, out-of-the-box creative professionals out there. He doesn’t mince words and is very hardworking. In the process of conceptualizing a brand, he takes the whole customer experience into account. And that level of detail is what enables a brand to create a cutting edge against a very competitive landscape. If there’s a battle, I’d want him on my side.”


Co-Founder, Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc.

“10 years ago, when Hands on Manila Foundation, Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary,  its founders felt the need to showcase what the foundation did to spread the advocacy of volunteerism in the country. It was fortuitous that an imaginative and creative book designer, Ric Gindap, and his company Design For Tomorrow, VOLUNTEERED to help us publish “Hands On Manila, The First 10 years.”  Ric also introduced us to an army of talented VOLUNTEER photographers who took vibrant and exciting photos of our volunteers in action as well as of events and milestones that chronicled our history.  2 decades later, this book continues to inspire many to volunteer with us and is a constant reminder of our role as servant leaders.“


Senior Business Development Manager, Eton

“Highly recommended in the marketing and branding field. DFT translates to the target market the vision of the project into a much desirable, appealing, and understandable concept executed in materials and any forms of communication medium.

Ric and the entire DFT team are easy to work with and they understand the client as well as the market that they want to serve.”


Founder, Rags2Riches

“Every collaboration feels like an adventure, knowing that, together, we’ll create something both beautiful and impactful. I also love the fact that they always listen. I feel seen, comfortable and heard. With their unique blend of innovative concepts, tailored solutions, and heartfelt dedication, DFT consistently delivers with passion.

Their talent is a true gift, and that’s precisely why I choose to work with them time and time again.”



Sir Ric is perhaps one of the most creative yet detail-oriented person I know.

His eye for design is impeccable. What impressed me the most with working with him is just how much thought is put into his works. All the best in your professional endeavors, and to those who are reading this, choosing to working with sir Ric will be an immensely educational and insightful experience.”


Co-Founder & CEO, Jacinto & Lirio

“Ric is the most thoughtful creative & branding expert I’ve known. Having worked with him as an early-stage founder was an empowering experience! He has a way of transforming depth & character into stunning visual design that truly captures the essence of a brand.”


Co-Founder, Brownbag

Ric has helped me with various branding projects and has always exceeded expectations. The quality of his work is exceptional, and his commitment to the creative, unparalleled. He understands his clients’ brief and needs — and delivers every single time. Will always go to Ric for any branding project in the future.”


Director of Business Development, Lab46

“Nobody else I know has Ric’s eye for sophistication. He captures exactly what a brand requires, and makes it much better with his branding advice. He is one who sees the project through from start to finish, and is such a delight to work with. I am in full confidence that when I work on a project with or refer him, he will inevitably impress.”


Personal Branding & Business Coach

“I had the opportunity to work with Ric when I needed help with internal Book design for my personal branding book – The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick. What amazed me with the final work of Ric and his creative team at Design for Tomorrow, was the “on brand” experience that was so aligned with my personal brand! Design is a powerful way to communicate with our audience … and for me … Ric and Design for Tomorrow exceeded my expectations! Working with them was a highlight of my Author Adventure! Highly recommended!”



Founder, Alchemy


“Branding and packaging design have always been the key success to my business.  From conceptualizing to presentations, it’s always exciting to see what DFT comes up with.  Their ideas and execution are always on point.  It is the fulfillment of wishes you have yet to express. 


Without DFT’s golden touch, Alchemy’s macarons would not be as magical.”



CEO, Silcor


“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mr. Ric Gindap, the Creative Director and Chief Strategist at Design For Tomorrow, and I can confidently attest to his exceptional expertise in branding and creative consultancy. Ric’s visionary leadership and strategic approach extend far beyond the borders of the Philippines, enabling him to deliver remarkable solutions to clients worldwide. His deep knowledge and extensive experience in this field are evident in his innovative strategies, which consistently drive remarkable results. Ric is a true asset, consistently delivering top-tier creativity and insightful guidance, making him a standout professional in the industry.”



Founder, La Picara


Design for Tomorrow has not only understood my vision but also surpassed it, consistently 

delivering unique and captivating branding designs. 


It is a privilege to collaborate with a team that effortlessly translates ideas into extraordinary creations. Your ability to comprehend and exceed my expectations sets you apart as the best branding design company in the country.


The unique designs you crafted for La Picara, La Ragazza, La Royal and Guilt Free have become visual representations of their essence.


I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire 

Design for Tomorrow team. Your talent, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made a significant impact on my businesses. It is an honor to work alongside such a remarkable group of individuals, and I look forward to our future collaborations.


Warmest regards”


Co-Founder, Reseta


“If you want to see your vision come alive, there’s no better way to do it than finding a team that will not only show you the way, but embark on the journey with you, ensuring that the end result surpasses expectations—the best version of that vision.  Every time I work with Ric and the whole DFT team, there’s a sense of excitement because I know we’re up to something meaningful.”



Founder, Physio Movement


“To create a good brand, you need absolute selflessness. Ric took my vision and mission and turned it into a design with perfection. It was an incredible experience.”



President and General Manager, Mendrez


“We are thrilled to express our gratitude to Design for Tomorrow for their exceptional work in rebranding Mendrez. With a rich heritage dating back to 1969, Mendrez holds a special place in the hearts of our customers, and we entrusted Design for Tomorrow with the task of breathing new life into our brand. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, the team at Design for Tomorrow demonstrated a profound understanding of our brand’s essence and values.


Their creativity and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the rebranding process. They seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of Mendrez, resulting in a fresh and captivating identity. The new brand image crafted by Design for Tomorrow has not only revitalized our store’s visual appeal but has also resonated with our customers, old and new. We are genuinely grateful for their expertise, dedication, and the passion they brought to this project. Design for Tomorrow has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the next chapter of Mendrez, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovative and thoughtful branding solutions.”