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Meet a few leaders that we have been collaborating with and what they have got to say.

Wynn Wynn Ong Illustration


Designer & Founder, Artisanal Works
Myanmar, Philippines

“I started as Ric’s client for one branding project and ended up working with him on many successive ventures both here and abroad. The level of commitment shown by him, as well as the team he so ably led, was unparalled.

He is incisive in analyzing a client’s needs and reading the market the client serves. I would not hesitate to work with Ric or his company again, regardless of the size of the project. He makes a project seamless.”


Principal, Buensalido Architects
Philippines, International

“Ric Gindap, or Señor as I fondly call him, is one of the most intelligent minds in the creative industry.

Whether it is about branding, idea-generation, strategy, or just life in general, he always applies an approach that is centered on critical-thinking and empathy.

We have had countless 2 or 3 hour conversations over the past 15 years that I have known him, and I still learn something new from him every time.

There are a lot of branding agencies out there, but if you want a group that really listens to you in an empathetic way, really tries to extract what you mean and what your objectives are beyond what you are saying; Design For Tomorrow, the group he leads, is the perfect match for you. Furthermore, when he visually articulates your personal or company identity, he is able to do so with a consistent sophisticated aesthetic and sensibility, that often translates to timelessness.

Simply put, he is presently one of the best branding minds in the industry.”

Cindy Xi Chen

Founder, Aether/The Holistic Way
Hong Kong, International

“It has been an incredible journey starting my own brand with the wonderful help from Ric and his team. They are super passionate, creative, and really take the time to understand your vision and help you figure out how to reach there. Thanks a lot to them, I was able to get my brand off the ground quickly and smoothly. And it’s such an enjoyable and enriching experience working with the team too – I love their soulful approach to business and they have always made me feel I’m not just a client of theirs but also their family.”

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