Marquis: Events Place Branding Design

Designing and expressing a familial legacy into a five-star event and entertaining brand

Three entrepreneurial sisters commissioned Design For Tomorrow to develop a brand narrative and identity surrounding their grandfather’s legacy. The grandfather inspired them to be courageous entrepreneurs. It’s only fitting that they honor him by creating a brand based on the story that truly moved and inspired him: the ancient Japanese legend of A Thousand Cranes.

According to this legend, if you fold a thousand origami cranes, the gods will grant the fondest wishes of your heart. The grandfather also published a book about the mythical cranes. And this book became the foundation of the sister’s hospitality business that needed a brand as they prepared to launch a luxury events space at the heart of the premier Fort Bonifacio Global City.

The name Marquis is already chosen and registered, the interior concept by HBA ongoing and in an active round of development, and all design work had to be evaluated for Feng Shui considerations.

DFT’s task goes beyond rendering the ideas into graphic form. The brand had to unite all the elements, including environments, experiences, visual communications, wayfinding, marketing collaterals, product, and amenities design.

A modified typeface resulted in a custom wordmark referencing the grandfather’s description of the elegance of the legs of the cranes while giving the nod to the three sisters who are pillars of this new enterprise. The ‘M’ marque carries the same idea. Patterns inspired by the folds of origami became a prominent brand language applied across touchpoints from uniforms, advertising, interior details to furniture design.

Finally, DFT developed the brand essence, “Inspired spaces for inspiring moments,” which cemented the brand’s proposition in the mind of audiences who do not aspire to the ordinary.

Events Place Branding
Events Space Mockup Packaging
Events Space Mockup Invitation
Events Space Brand Pattern 1
Events Space Brand Pattern 2
Events Space Brand Pattern 3
Events Space Building Logo Mockup
Events Space Wayfinding Ideation
Events Space Wayfinding Icons
Events Space Lobby Logo Mockup

Client Marquis Industry Hospitality Discipline Branding, Design, Identity, Art Direction, Wayfinding, Communications Design Location Philippines

Identity Designer Ric Gindap Art Directors Marlon Lacanilao, Elizabeth Teotico Designers Israel Contreras, Shintaro Lopez, Rashina Tuazon, Patricia Ibañez, Ma. Cecilia Inocencio Collaborator (Interior Architecture) HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates/GRIT Design Forward Planners Roman Roxas, Lorenzo Fresnoza