Sevina Park: Real Estate Branding

Realizing the vision and defining the identity for an intimate enclave in Southern Luzon

Sevina Park aims to be the heart of new beginnings. The intimate development anchors on sustainability, innovation, the optimism to reignite a sense of community and a well-defined social capital. This far-seeing philosophy and way of life: originally imagined, thoughtfully crafted, and built on a decisive approach to integrating a sense of balance, security, and shared experiences.

Shaping this distinctly new way of life is Design For Tomorrow’s central proposition for the Sevina Park brand. It is a perspective founded on the thoughtful balance of living vitality, progressive innovations, meaningful interactions, and a sense of “like-hearted” community.

DFT collaborated closely with the developers to define a differentiating strategy and articulate its vision, values, propositions, narratives, and identity. Our assignment eventually extends to environmental graphics, experiential touchpoints, and external communications.

Real Estate Giveaways
Real Estate Mockup Brochure 1
Real Estate Mockup Brochure 2
Real Estate Design Pattern 1
Real Estate Design Pattern 2
Real Estate Design Pattern 3
Real Estate Design Pattern 4

Client Arthaland Industry Real Estate, Property Development Discipline Branding, Design Location Laguna, Philippines

Art Directors Bonnapart Galeng, Marlon Lacanilao Logo and Brand Designer Ma. Cecilia Inocencio Designers Ma, Cecilia Inocencio, Patricia Ibañez, Shintaro Lopez, Rashina Tuazon Account Managers Bernadette Lindres, Lorenzo Fresnoza Collaborator (Campaign Production) Toby Martin