Alchemy: Pastry Packaging Design

Concocting an upscale brand for a confectionery

Coming home from her international training as a pastry chef, Meryl Candice Go invited Design For Tomorrow to redesign the logo and packaging suite for an upscale confectionery brand specializing in limited-batch macarons and truffle chocolates. The brand’s clear vision came with the given name “Alchemy” and a brand proposition, “Baking magic.”

Alchemy intends to elevate the brand into a more premium footing from its initial calligraphic and playful identity. It necessitates that the new logo project sophistication to reflect the excellent quality of the product and the higher price point it commands.

DFT delivered a streamlined A+M monogram that echoes a wizard’s hat as a nod to its “Baking magic” proposition. We introduce graphic patterns and charming illustrations made by various artists to grace seasonal box packaging.

Alchemy quickly rose to prominence, cultivating a loyal following and fans as it continues to spread tasteful magic.

In addition to the logo, DFT introduced graphic patterns and commissioned charming illustrations created by various artists for their pastry packaging. These artistic elements adorned the brand’s seasonal box packaging, creating a captivating and enchanting visual experience for customers aside from the good pastry. Each box became a work of art, reflecting the brand’s commitment to deliver good pastry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

With the new logo and packaging suite in place, Alchemy experienced a significant rise to prominence. The brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and a magical experience resonated with consumers, leading to a growing and loyal following through their pastry and chocolate.

Each interaction with the packaging became a moment of anticipation and wonder, heightening the enjoyment of every bite, Alchemy not only for the delectable macarons and truffle chocolates but also for the entire experience that the brand offered. Alchemy became synonymous with indulgence and sophistication, earning a coveted place in the hearts of its customers through its packaging.

As the brand continued to flourish, it remained dedicated to spreading tasteful magic through the packaging and the pastry itself. Alchemy’s goal to its customers is to make these endeavors not only provide unique experiences but also create a sense of community among Alchemy’s fans.

Alchemy Macaron Packaging
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Alchemy Box Packaging

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Logo Design Ric Gindap Art Directors Bonnapart Galeng, Elizabeth Teotico Designers Elizabeth Teotico, Mika Torres