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Shaping a dynamic brand embodying self-love and confidence

Coach Jaq Molloy is a fitness enthusiast since she was a kid. A figure skater, a part of the badminton team, and a regular at fun runs while living in Sydney, she followed an active lifestyle. With health and fitness being an essential part of her life and a way to deal with stress from her previous job, she developed a genuine passion for the field.

Throughout years in fitness training, she had an unyielding desire to share the knowledge she gained. Her passion, coupled with her advocacy for the embodiment of self-love and confidence, Just Jaq Fit set off as a coaching brand built to encourage, inspire, educate, and support people in achieving their fitness goals.

In 2020, Coach Jaq sought the help of Design for Tomorrow to create a modern and professional identity. The challenge is to distinguish it from the competition, effectively capture the target market’s attention, and achieve that balance of femininity and power that will both represent the founder as well as the brand.

The inspiration came from the initials of the brand itself, a logo crafted with two letter Js creating a twinning effect that stands for self-reflection and positive affirmation, fully capturing her belief that building confidence is attributed to feeling great about yourself. DFT also crafted an alternate dynamic wordmark option for their social media to appeal to the younger market, representing how everyone’s journey to fitness always starts with a single block, putting in one block after another to achieve their goal.

Integrating Coach Jaq’s personal preferences, the combination of yellow and gray were chosen as the primary brand colors, a more casual and natural approach to art direction and photography portraying a balance between active, fun, and modern lifestyle.

Coach Jaq Molloy’s journey in the world of fitness began at a young age. As a figure skater and a member of the badminton team, she was no stranger to an active lifestyle. Even as a child, she participated in fun runs and embraced physical activities as a way to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Not only did she find joy in staying fit, but it also served as a means to manage stress from her previous job.

Over the years, Coach Jaq’s passion for health and fitness grew, leading her to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. However, she felt a strong desire to share her expertise and inspire others to embark on their own fitness journeys. With a firm belief in the power of self-love and confidence, she established her coaching brand, Just Jaq Fit, with the goal of motivating, educating, and supporting individuals in achieving their fitness goals.

In 2020, Coach Jaq recognized the need to create a distinct and professional identity for her brand. To accomplish this, she enlisted the help of Design for Tomorrow (DFT), a renowned design agency. The challenge was to develop a visual identity that would set Just Jaq Fit apart from competitors, effectively grab the attention of the target market, and strike a balance between femininity and power, embodying both the founder and the brand itself using a fitness brand marketing.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s initials, DFT crafted a logo featuring two letter Js, cleverly creating a twinning effect. This design not only symbolized self-reflection but also served as a representation of positive affirmation. Coach Jaq firmly believed that building confidence stemmed from feeling great about oneself, and the logo encapsulated this philosophy. Additionally, DFT created a dynamic wordmark for the brand’s social media platforms, catering to the younger market. The wordmark illustrated that every fitness journey begins with a single block, highlighting the importance of incremental progress towards achieving one’s goals.

To ensure that the visual identity aligned with Coach Jaq’s personal preferences, DFT integrated her input. The primary brand colors, yellow and gray, were carefully chosen to convey a casual and natural aesthetic. The art direction and photography adopted a modern and lively approach, striking a balance between an active lifestyle and a sense of fun. By combining these elements, Just Jaq Fit’s visual identity exuded a contemporary and approachable vibe, appealing to a wide range of individuals who sought to incorporate fitness into their lives through the fitness brand marketing.

With her newly established brand identity, Coach Jaq Molloy embarked on a mission to inspire and empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. Through Just Jaq Fit, she aimed to offer not only fitness guidance but also a support system that would accompany clients on their journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. With her passion and dedication, Coach Jaq hoped to make a lasting impact on the lives of many, encouraging them to embrace self-love, confidence, and the pursuit of their fitness goals.

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Just Jaq Fit is a Singapore-based coaching brand by Coach Jaq Molloy. This project was realized through close collaboration with our Singapore partner, One Triple Four.

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