VIKTOR: Denim Brand Marketing

Reengineering the pioneer in bespoke and custom denim brand

Art Director Ino Caluza left his successful and cushy job abroad and, upon returning home, decided to pursue a dream motivated by his lifelong obsession with collecting rare pieces of denim.

As an artist, first and foremost, with a crystal-clear vision, he dreamed of a more polished and curated view of fashion with a dash of mischief thrown in for good measure. While there are many established brands for denim, his personalized approach, intimate knowledge of materials, innovative techniques, and clever manipulations make his line a cut above the rest, pun intended. There is even an exclusive shade of indigo that founder Ino mixed himself.

In 2003 he launched the pioneering custom denim label, VIKTOR, providing both bespoke and made-to-measure options at überpremium price range. The label quickly — and successfully — positioned itself as a go-to personalized brand for trendy and upwardly mobile customers across fashion, business, arts, and the social circuit.

Thirteen years later, Viktor wanted to evolve from its established cheeky character (the brand’s original slogan was “A Good Pair of Viktor Can Get You Laid”) and briefed Design For Tomorrow to reengineer its identity. The brand essentially wanted to retain its premium equity but opened the possibility of changing the logo and brand assets.

DFT, after a comprehensive audit, proposed not to abolish the old logo entirely. Retaining and redrawing the distinctive “V,” which we argued is a silhouette of an inverted pair of pants, we proceeded to redraw the other letters into a more confident, grown-up wordmark. Other brand assets like patterns, typography, and colors were updated while carefully evolving the cutting-edge art direction and visual style. We also delivered a proposal for revising the packaging design suite.

Denim Brand Tag Design
Denim Brand Shopping Bag Design
Denim Brand Photoshoot

Client Viktor Industry Fashion, Retail Discipline Branding, Design, Packaging, Art Direction Location Philippines

Creative Directors Ric Gindap, Marlon Lacanilao Logotype and Brand Designer Marlon Lacanilao Account Director Roman Roxas Forward Planner Lorenzo Fresnoza