Alveo Land: Real Estate Brand Marketing and Custom Publication

Custom publication expressing the lifestyle, values, and quality of life of Alveo Land Communities

Alveo Land, the country’s leading property developer, wanted a highly engaging, creative platform to tell the rich, practical, and inspiring stories beyond its communities. The challenge was that people tend to avoid branded brochures, educational pamphlets, and other sales materials. Another challenge is to develop collectible and tangible expressions of the Alveo corporate values, brand promise, and propositions.

Design For Tomorrow proposed to rebrand Alveo’s community newspaper, CommTalk (short for Community Talks), into a more engaging and proper lifestyle magazine. The revitalized publication showcases a wide breadth of content reflecting Alveo’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, communities’ regeneration, quality of life with valuable recommendations, and varied lifestyle topics related to vertical villages, business, entrepreneurship, and urban living.

Design For Tomorrow delivered a repurposed magazine with an overhauled editorial direction, compelling content, design, art + creative direction, and commissioning of original features and photography.

The overhaul saw a sleeker format, from using a different paper stock, a reconfigured grid, a new headline typeface, and a cleaner approach to imagery and visual direction.

Distributed to prospects and clients within premier Alveo communities nationwide, the elegant publication is also given as complimentary reading in select high-end hotel lobbies, specialty coffee spots, lounges, clinics, restaurants, and similar lifestyle spaces.

The lifestyle publication neutralized the intimidation factor and general uneasiness with prominently branded materials and delivered a very high pass-on rate. Distribution partners like Starbucks have repeatedly made requests to replenish copies as people tend to bring home copies of the magazine. Pages of CommTalk have also shown up on Pinterest boards, referencing design and tips found within its pages.

The rebranded magazine, CommTalk, has exceeded Alveo Land’s expectations in engaging its audience and conveying its brand values in a non-intrusive manner and the most intelligent way possible. With Design For Tomorrow’s expertise, the publication has undergone a significant transformation, resulting in a more captivating, smart, and immersive reading experience.

One of the key aspects of the magazine’s revitalization was its editorial direction at its finest. CommTalk now covers a wide range of topics that resonate with Alveo’s target audience, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, community regeneration, and quality of life in various ways. The content is carefully curated to provide valuable recommendations and insights on various lifestyle subjects such as vertical villages, businesses, entrepreneurship, and urban living. By offering practical and inspiring stories, the magazine establishes a genuine connection with readers, fostering a sense of connection, trust, and loyalty.

Accompanying the engaging content is a visually appealing design. Design For Tomorrow took a comprehensive approach to enhance the magazine’s aesthetics and design as a whole aligned with the goal for real estate brand marketing. They introduced a sleeker format, incorporating different paper stock to add a touch of sophistication. The grid structure was reconfigured, allowing for better organization and flow of content for the readers. A new headline typeface was selected, bringing a fresh and contemporary feel to the publication. Furthermore, a cleaner approach to imagery and visual direction was implemented, ensuring that the visuals complemented the articles and created a visually cohesive reading experience that can be easily understood.

Client Alveo Land Industry Real Estate, Property Development Discipline Editorial Consultancy, Strategy, Design, Art Direction, Brand Expression, Branded Content, Production, Custom Publishing Location Philippines

Editorial, Creative & Design Director Ric Gindap Associate Creative Director Marlon Lacanilao Editorial Director Bonnapart Galeng Copy Editor Jeanilyn Kwan Managing Features Editors Grisel Garcia, Estelle Piencenaves, Bimbo Santos Writers Andrea Hechanova, Mia De Vega, Samantha Sales, Gino Gonzales Designers Israel Contreras, Shintaro Lopez, Rashina Tuazon, Patricia Ibañez, Ma. Cecilia Inocencio Forward Planners Roman Roxas, Lorenzo Fresnoza, Madelyn Ebro