Mendrez: An Elegant Revitalization of a Filipino Heritage Brand for Generation Anywear

A Heritage Brand, Reinvented for Filipinos Across Generations

Fashion is a world constantly in flux. Trends come and go like fleeting vapors. Yet there are shining instances when the timeless essence of heritage becomes a beacon guiding us through the hyperspeed wheels of ever-changing fashion.

For over half a century, Mendrez has been a faithful companion to Filipinos, traversing the diverse terrains of life. However, the shifting sands of the shoe and accessory industry have posed challenges, raising the question: how can this iconic Philippine brand regain its rightful place in the limelight? This is the story of Mendrez’s triumphant evolution.

A Legacy Revitalized

Mendrez embarked on a transformative journey, enlisting the expertise of Design For Tomorrow to breathe new life into its storied heritage. While competitors raced ahead, Mendrez realized that its treasure lay within the deep roots of locality and tradition. In a series of enriching discussions, it became evident that Mendrez’s soul resonated with the Filipino taste, offering quality materials at accessible price points. Thus began the task of rekindling Mendrez’s legacy for this generation and those yet to come.

Heritage Speaking In the Voice Of Now.

Following a strategic rebranding and identity redesign, Mendrez emerged as a symbol of warm, intimate connections, reflecting the familial bonds that unite Filipinos across decades. It champions authentic excellence, quality, and craftsmanship, advancing gracefully while remaining rooted in its well-regarded heritage. The introduction of a sleek new marque and the brand’s visual identity now boasts an earthy palette featuring an establishment date in the logo to proudly establish a sense of place, a poignant reminder of its authentic origins. The iconic “M” monogram graces everything from tote bags to shoebox encasings, giving your accessories elegant, premium product packaging.

The Mendrez Logo Before and After

The Filipino Touch – A Timeless Connection

Thriving amidst an era of ever-evolving trends and cultural shifts, we saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between generations. What unites these seemingly disparate age groups? It’s none other than “The Filipino Touch.” This unique essence is more relevant than ever, embodying adaptability and transcending gender, age, and aesthetics. It’s a fusion of heritage and evolution, just like the culture it represents. With roots firmly planted and branches reaching out, Mendrez caters to “Generation Anywear” – anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Sensorial Spaces

Cognizant of Mendrez’s desire for a more elevated experience, the pop-up kiosk in Megamall and its leading brand branch in SM Cebu needed to be a demonstration not just of innovation but also a signal of its commitment to building connections across generations. Collaborating with Siglo Interiors, the redesigned Mendrez pop-up brings contemporary concepts to life while celebrating Filipino values. With biomorphic and biophilic design elements, the revamped Mendrez paces – a template of ongoing nationwide space revamp – encapsulates its core brand essence and expression for a cosmopolitan Filipino audience.

The soon-to-be-launched flagship Mendrez retail space design at SM Cebu takes it further by integrating a cafe within the interior space, offering a tasteful experience of “The Filipino Touch.” Beyond shopping, it becomes a gathering place, forging connections and transcending its utilitarian origins. Here, Mendrez conveys its ongoing transformation.

Mendrez is progressing into more than a blend of classic and modern; it’s an affirmation of the Filipino spirit in its current moment. Organic, elegant, storied, and ready for the future, Mendrez’s revitalization embodies the enduring legacy of Filipino heritage. As we step into the era of Generation Anywear, Mendrez is not just a brand; it’s an embodiment of the timeless essence that resonates with Filipinos across ages and style shifts.

Design For Tomorrow Mendrez Case Study Logo Application in Pop-up Store Design by Siglo Interiors 01
Design For Tomorrow Mendrez Case Study Logo Application in Pop-up Store Design by Siglo Interiors 04

A Mendrez pop-up retail space soon at SM Megamall by Siglo Interiors

Design For Tomorrow Mendrez Case Study Logo Application in Store Design by Siglo Interiors
Design For Tomorrow Mendrez Case Study Logo Application in Store Design by Siglo Interiors 03
Design For Tomorrow Mendrez Case Study Logo Application in Store Design by Siglo Interiors 04

The soon-to-be-launched flagship Mendrez retail space design at SM Cebu by Siglo Interiors

Mendrez in the Press

Adobo | WhenInManila


“We are thrilled to express our gratitude to Design for Tomorrow for their exceptional work in rebranding Mendrez. With a rich heritage dating back to 1969, Mendrez holds a special place in the hearts of our customers, and we entrusted Design for Tomorrow with the task of breathing new life into our brand. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, the team at Design for Tomorrow demonstrated a profound understanding of our brand’s essence and values.

Their creativity and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the rebranding process. They seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of Mendrez, resulting in a fresh and captivating identity. The new brand image crafted by Design for Tomorrow has not only revitalized our store’s visual appeal but has also resonated with our customers, old and new. We are genuinely grateful for their expertise, dedication, and the passion they brought to this project. Design for Tomorrow has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the next chapter of Mendrez, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovative and thoughtful branding solutions.”


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