Melters Steel: Steel Manufacturer Branding

Forging the identity evolution of the country's well-established steel manufacturer

Melters Steel Corporation is the culmination of a lifelong dream and visionary work of their founder Manuel Sy. Having started in the hardware and construction materials business in the 1960s, the company became the founder’s defining legacy and the ever-growing testament of the family’s cumulative hard work.

Decades on, and the company is steadily growing. With the growth, an identity that would reflect the status as one of the industry’s leading brands became imperative.

And this is where we come in. The need for an evolved Melters Steel identity should tick a couple of crucial boxes: It should look very established that echoes its sense of gravitas and refine the elements to address modern times’ needs.

We did a comprehensive review to gain deeper insights into the brand’s identity, engaged all relevant stakeholders into defining an evolution framework, and created a respectful refresh of the old logo into its sleeker new iteration.

Every aspect of the brand is redefined. From photography to art direction, typography to a more vibrant tone of the previous color palette, to brand applications that need to be safeguarded, DFT finally submitted a detailed brand book to guide the in-house team in applying the evolved identity.

Steel Manufacturer Signature Logo
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Steel Manufacturer Brand Book
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Steel Manufacturer Photography
Steel Manufacturer Photography
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Creative Director Ric Gindap Art Director Marlon Lacanilao Identity Designers Israel Contreras, Ric Gindap Brand Designers Israel Contreras, Rashina Tuazon Collaborators Jay Jallorina, Lance Lim Forward Planner Lorenzo Fresnoza