Arthaland: Sustainable Real Estate Rebranding Design

Refreshing the logo and overhauling the identity of the pioneer in sustainable-centric luxury development

Arthaland is a boutique luxury developer with pioneering LEED-certified projects that established itself at the forefront of green and sustainable development. Its portfolio includes benchmark-setting projects like Arya Residences, Cebu Exchange, Arthaland Century Pacific Tower, and Savya Financial Center.

After a successful initial collaboration for the branding and vision articulation of Sevina Park, Arthaland tasked Design For Tomorrow to refresh its corporate master brand.

Following a series of audits and revalida sessions with principal stakeholders and key management, we repositioned the brand from “Future Proof By Design” into “Building Sustainable Legacies,” fully capturing the brand’s essence. After which, we delivered a refined icon, sophisticated wordmark, a design system, and a detailed brandbook to guide the refreshed brand’s implementation.

Arthaland, a leading boutique luxury developer renowned for its groundbreaking LEED-certified projects up to this date, has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in the realm of green and sustainable development. With an impressive portfolio that includes celebrated ventures such as Arya Residences, Cebu Exchange, Arthaland Century Pacific Tower, and Savya Financial Center, Arthaland continues to raise the bar for excellence in the industry and in the society till today.

Recognizing the significance of a strong corporate master brand, Arthaland collaborated once again with Design For Tomorrow, following their successful partnership in shaping the branding and vision of Sevina Park and for the goal of creating a real estate branding design. This time, the objective was to breathe new life into the company’s overarching brand identity.

To commence and proceed with the process, Design For Tomorrow conducted a comprehensive series of audits and revalida sessions, engaging principal stakeholders and key management figures within Arthaland. These sessions were made for a thorough exploration of the brand’s essence and objectives, serving as the foundation for the subsequent repositioning.

The new positioning statement, “Building Sustainable Legacies,” encapsulates the core values and aspirations of the Arthaland brand. By choosing this evocative phrase, the refreshed brand identity now encapsulates the company’s commitment to not only constructing remarkable structures but also ensuring a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities for the society.

Building upon the repositioning, Design For Tomorrow undertook the task of crafting a refined icon and a sophisticated wordmark to represent the revitalized brand. The icon, with its distinctive design, serves as a visual symbol of Arthaland’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to sustainable development for everyone. Complementing the icon, the meticulously crafted wordmark exudes elegance and professionalism, lending a touch of sophistication to the brand identity and for the market to be branded too.

Arthaland New Logo
Arthaland Pattern Gold
Arthaland Letterhead Mockup
Arthaland Pattern Green
Arthaland Business Card Mockup
Arthaland Brand Manual Type Specimen 1
Arthaland Brand Manual Type Specimen 2
Arthaland Brand Manual Mockup
Arthaland Brand Manual Mockup

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