Eluria: Luxury Real Estate Branding

Where the elegant pleasures are illuminated, and radiance of life refined

Crowded with numerous luxury offerings from powerful legacy real estate brands, how can a boutique property developer make a landmark project even more distinctive? 

We asked this question and it immediately became the definitive gestation point for the creation of the brand Eluria. Arthaland, the farseeing developer, briefed Design For Tomorrow to craft a specific brand strategy, value proposition, identity, and expression for the überluxury property as it envisions to be an elevation from all the premium properties Arthaland already developed. 

Most importantly, there is a singular imperative to expand and express what Arthaland plots the property to be “The unsurpassed sustainable luxury in Makati City.”

Instead of scoping local competitive brands, we suggested imbuing Eluria with a broadened worldview. We then initiated the assignment with a global benchmark of four exceptional real estate developments in Barcelona, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York. 

Learnings from this exercise informed and underpinned Eluria’s differentiating brand attribute: luxury as “whispered elegance.” Five defining traits articulate this anchor concept: Embodies beautiful symmetry; Exudes an understated sophistication; Demonstrates elevated refinery; Evokes the pleasures and allures of life; Imbibes the lightness of being.

Having strategically profiled and understood the specific target audiences of Eluria’s 37 ultraluxe units, DFT framed the real estate brand’s values: illustriousness, luminosity, awe-inspiring, inimitability, and, central to it all, sustainability. We drew a clear essence from these values: “Peerless Urbanity.” This is further distilled into the resulting brand line, “Radiance of Life Refined,” which became the foundation for external communication concepts like the brand film.

After comprehensively defining the brand, we progressed into designing the extensive identity, expressions, art direction, visual signatures, and experiential elements. These custom and proprietary components became the tangible manifestation of the Eluria brand, that are consistently applied to suites of marketing and promotional collaterals, communications, and advertising, as well as a showroom experience unconventional in real estate standards, including exclusive buyers’ gift sets.

Externally rolled out during the annual stockholders’ meeting, Eluria successfully reinvented luxury real estate marketing dynamics while authentically adhering to its core defining mission: sustainability as the soul of an elevated way of life.

Noteworthy Nomenclature.

Eluria’s name is a minted evocation of “elan,” meaning flourish, illuminate, allure + “via,” meaning a way of life + “ya,” meaning house. Combined, these words lead to “a house flourishing with beauty and light” or “path to illumination.” In Hebrew, Eluria also means “precious flower.”

Daily Rhythms Captured In Bespoke Patterns.

Part of Eluria’s sense of place is the observant quality of how life unfolds along Rada Street (where it will occupy), the neighboring parks, and the slice of living and working transitions that define the beats and rhythms of Makati. These rhythms – expressed through a series of custom patterns that echo the brand strategy – become graphic elements to visualize life unfolding in the neighborhood.







The Psychology of a Locale

People choose places. There’s always a reason why people choose to live in a specific neighborhood. Then it starts attracting like-minded and like-hearted individuals. 

Until one day, the place chooses us. And says, come with me.

With Fort Bonifacio rapidly rising as a global city, how can a real estate brand like Eluria capitalize on Makati’s clout as the Philippines’ preeminent metropolis? Our placemaking strategy highlights the many undefeated elements that make Rada in Makati encircled by – and saturated with – charms and textures that emerging districts cannot easily replicate. It remains a premier place for living, working, leisure, commerce, and pleasure. 

The textures and charms of Makati are highlighted in our placemaking strategy. < Slide for more >

The Soul of Strategy

Emotion, function, affirmation, aspiration, and significantly purposeful vision underline the essence of the real estate brand Eluria. We conveyed only the essential elements that matter to the project and ingrained these decisive qualities into the overall goals of Arthaland and the brand’s intention. 

Elevated by Design

Eluria’s architecture, with its “contemporary treehouse” concept integrated with the interiors’ Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, is the masterful execution of FMB Architects’ Michael Banak. The elegant structure evokes understated luxury but incorporates state-of-the-art technology and a rich, unsurpassed array of green features. The real estate development has already garnered LEED, WELL CORE, EDGE, and BERDE certifications without compromising amenities, qualities, and ideals.

Michael Banak profiled by Suzy Annetta, Editor-in-chief of Design Anthology. < Slide for more >

International architect Michael Banak expresses the ideas and design elements that define Eluria – Arthaland’s prestigious, ultra-luxury development in Makati City. Thanks to Arthaland for providing a copy of the film (produced and edited by The Modern Collective PH).

Typographic Exclusivity

DFT commissioned a bespoke typeface from Tudotype Foundry‘s João Miranda that speaks of the brand’s values, aspirations, and personality.

Eluria Capitals’ custom characters pursue the idea of rich sharpness with elegant minimalism that comes across through the replacement of serifs so commonly associated with this genre of typefaces, embracing the idea of strength applied in letter carving.

The final output is a beautiful set of capital letters infused with a variety of discretionary ligatures that create unique letter combinations, allowing each word to be as distinctive and crafted as possible through this system of letters.

Although it doesn’t replace the craft present in lettering, Eluria Capitals works hard to make the most beautiful group of letters feel as unique and distinctive as possible.

Editorial Elegance

Drawing from DFT’s extensive editorial and publishing expertise, a lush (soon-to-be-launched) monograph will be the most tactile expression of Eluria’s vision. Written in a defined Eluria brand tone of voice that avoids superlatives and pandering writing prevalent in property development marketing, the monograph uses expressive, intimate language that mirrors the real estate property’s ethos with clarity and passion. 

Staying true to Arthaland’s sustainable brand DNA, the production values echo the same obsessive attention to detail. Specifications include premium FSC-certified paper and non-toxic vegetable inks. 

A weighty custom hardwood case with a laser-cut logo on two sides tangibly and luxuriously articulate the Eluria values. 

The elegant and exclusive monograph highlights the bespoke typeface Eluria Sans as well as stunning photography by Jar Concengco. < Slide for more >

Delight and Subtlety – The Mastery of Experience Choreography

Staging a premium showroom experience with potential clients attuned to the codes of luxury is no easy feat. A dedicated luxury vehicle conveys showroom guests from their origin into the discreet experience suite. In every touchpoint of the real estate brand experience – from appointment to exit – the Eluria values are embedded and delivered in a nuanced but seamless way.

No garish branding will assertively confront guests emerging from the exclusive elevator (mimicking the future experience that elevators will open to each unit) and the spacious vestibule.

A discreet experience. No logo greets guests at the vestibule of the private showroom. Instead, the intriguing title of the Eluria monograph is emblazoned in situ to intrigue the imagination and heighten a sense of discovery.

Artistic Flourish

Steering the brand expression from an aggressive commercial sense, DFT proposed and injected some artistic interpretation of the Eluria real estate brand.

We commissioned renowned ceramicist John Pettyjohn to craft limited and numbered editions of exclusive ceramics in a custom Eluria box – given as gifts to select prospective clients. These deluxe tokens eschew the throwaway practices of cheap promotional items.

Architect and artist Jem Magbanua developed organic art prints illustrating the key differentiating amenities like the rooftop Potager Garden, the Eluria indoor garden, and the sustainable aspects of the units. 

The Shape Of Us – Evoking A Vision Of A Distinct Life

Having delivered an expansive strategy, then crystalizing it with an original, elegant identity, Arthaland extended our real estate brand work by insisting that DFT conceive the Eluria films instead of passing the interpretation to an outsider. 

DFT delivered a film narrative composed of vignettes that give a window into the passions, pursuits, and values that bind the people who will occupy these tasteful spaces. 

Produced at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film’s realization has various complex challenges: logistical restrictions, multiple last-minute cancellations, social distancing regulations, shortened production windows, and limited talent availability, amongst other things. 

In the end, as the film line puts it profoundly, we are driven by the things that truly matter and capture our hearts.

Dignity And Prestige: As Long As It Takes

DFT also conceived a second film to manifest the brand’s concept of devoted, personalized service – a key differentiating proposition of Eluria among competing real estate brands. Instead of a standard concierge service, we upped the ante of luxury developments by proposing prestige services through professionally-trained butlers – pioneering the next level of premium experiences in the Philippine real estate sector. The film articulates the many attentive and anticipatory activities extended to residents and the distinctive element of Eluria – the irreplaceable human touch.

The prestige services illustrated through elegant photography by Jar Concengco. < Slide for more >

“I worked with Ric on the super luxurious ELURIA residential apartment development located in Makati, Philippines for Arthaland. He is a very talented “big ideas” person and I would highly recommend him to give you that edge in your next campaign!”

Client Eluria Industry Real Estate, Property Development Discipline Branding, Design, Editorial Location Philippines

Brand Concept Development Ric Gindap (DFT), Jorell Bringas (Arthaland)

Creative Director Ric Gindap Brand Identity Designer + Film Concept + Art Director Shintaro Lopez Book Designer Israel Contreras Head of Strategy + Copywriter Pris Santos Forward Planner Charlene Narnola Production Assistants Lyann Cadiao, Grazeel Gindap Collaborators (Photography) Jar Concengco Showroom Display Design and Creative Installations Kervin Pasco

Architecture and Design Michael Banak, FMB Architects

Showroom Design Jigs Adefuin, Adefuin Design Studio

Bespoke Typeface Design João Miranda, Tudotype Foundry

Production House WYD Productions

Talents Patrick Armstrong as Dad, Joanne Marie Sule as Mom, Nelson Martin Gomez as Son, Kyle Guillian Almeda as Twin 1, Kleif Guillian Almeda as Twin 2, Pauli Antoinette Porquez as Female Butler, Ikigai Delas Alas as Male Butler, Treachelle Joy M. Ras as Lady Cleaner, Cesar Alex as Doorman 1, Aaron Josef G. Dela Cruz as Concierge, Martin Buen as Dog Walker

Voice Over Talent Elliot Miranda

Director Simon Te Executive Producer Juan Paolo De Guzman Associate Producer Razelle Angela Delos Reyes Line Producer JB Estrada Assistant Director Xy Pintoy Caster Kat Raymundo Production Manager Me-ann Ballesteros Production Assistants Anna Theresa Quirante, Ligel Agahan, and Carmela Marie Pader Location Manager Bons Torres Utility Jett De Guzman, Jun Aquisa, and Romeo Salome

Production Design Team Studio Almera
PJ Almera, Diandra Muassab, Mitzi Arrojo, Paulo Manalo, Sofia Hurtado

Propsman Jimmy Torado

Setmen Michael Tadaya, Rex Nambatac, Nielmar Hermoso, Omar Jay Paulino, Joner Carino, and Christoper Lagunsad

Wardrobe + Stylist Team Manuel Luis Gonzales, Carla Villanueva

Hair and Make-up Team Lio Javier, Tot Tangco, Alrea Cruz, Mike Lariosa, Eric Oliva

DOP Team and Technical Staff
DOP Marco Limjap Camera Operators Martin Cornejo and Ardan Arcega Focus Puller Mark Saludes Gaffer Joven Alcantara Keygrip Boni Alcantara DIT Allan Gilbert Buenaseda Ronin Caretaker Alex Quirante Equipment CMB Film Services, Inc. VTR and PA System Abraham Petil of VTR Live

Storyboard Artist Eric Ella

Post Production
Editor MV Isip

Color Grading Barebones

Edmar Indozo, Marlon Mañago, Audrey Velasco, Danni De La Cruz

Music / Sound Design / Scoring
Music Homonym / Mike Constantino

VO Recording WonderCollab Studios
Jonathan Moll, Celine Angue, Yvette Acebedo