BulacanSol: Solar Energy Branding

Communicating sustainable futures for a pioneering solar farm company

More than ever, the world needs cleaner energy. The Philippines, a tropical country with long durations of sunlight exposure, is blessed to have the year-round sun as a great source of renewable power. Solar panels have been used on smaller scales across the country, and it is inevitable to have the capacity to harvest solar energy on a much larger scale. 

Fortunately, with the partnership of MGreen, a subsidiary of Meralco, and PowerSource Energy, a new 50 MW solar farm in San Miguel, Bulacan was built in 2021 to kick off one of the major projects that realize a more sustainable energy production and distribution.

This is the first of many ventures to establish a foundational solar energy source. It was imperative for the landmark project to propel its vision forward. It needed a straightforward brand identity that quickly expresses the mission. MGreen and Powersource reached out to DFT in 2021 to help crystallize their goals and ambition with a logo that reflects the nature of their business.

DFT began the ideation by focusing on what needs to be a representational anchor and the elements that reinforce the brand story. To fully encapsulate with immediacy its purpose and facilitate instant recognition of the brand, Bulacansol was chosen as the name, a portmanteau of Bulacan, the site of the solar farm, and Sol, a Spanish word for the sun. This gives the brand orientational and functional elements.

Taking the name into consideration, DFT created the Bulacansol wordmark, incorporating elements such as the green and yellow palette that communicates sustainability and references the sun. A custom wordmark was developed, inspired by the grid-like pattern of the solar panels used for farming solar energy. A brand guideline was then created to help them apply the identity, as well as sample applications that demonstrate how the new wordmark will be used in communication elements.

For a power generation company that aims to pivot toward sustainable alternatives, its identity is a crucial signal of its purpose and raison d’etre. The resulting Bulacansol identity was received positively and immediately adapted to be a symbol for a greener power revolution in the country.

Solar Energy Branding
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