Laperal Mansion: Designing for a Sharpshooting President

Celebrating the defining legacy of President Noynoy Aquino through bespoke design

Laperal Mansion, a landmark property within Malacañang Palace, the seat of executive power of the Philippine Government, is being given a new life. 

The Palace administration is refurbishing the controversial property into elegant suites to host dignitaries, diplomatic contingents, and government guests. In honor of past presidents, the palace’s historical stewards assigned each room to the nation’s top designers to showcase Filipino talents and celebrate local craftsmanship. 

Supporting the highly referential concept proposed by Atelier Almario, Design For Tomorrow is thrilled to help visually articulate the legacy of Benigno Simeon Aquino III, one of the upstanding presidents of the Philippine Republic.

President Aquino’s feats exemplified conviction and resolve to safeguard national sovereignty and foster global cooperation. But beyond policy victories lies concrete attainment carved in the very fabric of democracy and human rights. He nurtured an environment where press freedom thrived and dissenting dialogues coursed openly. Under his watch, civil society flourished, becoming a formidable force against unchecked authority. Aquino’s commitment to democratic principles urged the citizens to value his embodiment of integrity, transparency, accountability, and earnest love for the nation and its constituencies. 

Upon the invitation of Ivy and Cynthia Almario, principals of the luxury interiors practice Atelier Almario, our task centered around graphically commemorating the key goals and accomplishments of what many considered the undeniable exponent of “daang matuwid” (righteous road). His clear, definitive policies, earnest but candid speeches, steadfast drive for good governance, and public calling out of errant government leaders earned him the nickname of a marksman. The nickname is also a literal reference to his passionate recreation as a sharpshooter who enjoys rounds of hitting targets with close friends.

Typographic Art in the Laperal Mansion
Typographic Art in the Laperal Mansion
Typographic Art in the Laperal Mansion

The Laperal Mansion room assigned to the late President PNoy (as he was commonly referred to) had a very modest footprint without any balcony and only half of a window tucked in one corner of the room. Ivy and Cynthia Almario forego the use of the narrow window that allowed the longest wall in the room as a headboard space to hang focal artworks – the pièce de résistance of the interior design concept. With Atelier Almario’s creative direction, we designed eight pieces of custom-made typographic works to memorialize the eight notable achievements of the Aquino Administration and marry it with PNoy’s love for target shooting. 

The eight achievements, which include Economic Growth and Stability, Anti-corruption Campaign, Social Welfare Programs, Disaster Response and Preparedness, Foreign Policy and Territorial Disputes, Human Rights and Justice Reform, Infrastructure Development, and Institutional Strengthening, were then typographically set in the form of shooting targets. 

The “targets” were then printed on paper and brought to the shooting range PNoy frequented. Atelier Almario invited his shooting range buddies to fire live ammunition rounds and hit each specific accomplishment to denote PNoy hitting his goals. The “hit bullseyes” were then framed and mounted to run the room length parallel with the headboard panel; these graphic artworks inform the guests about President Noy’s two loves: public service and hitting his targets. 

Monogrammed pillow in the Laperal Mansion

Details referencing the accomplished President in a more personal way abound: Blue wallpaper references his alma mater, Ateneo; bespoke beddings designed to evoke a barong tagalog pattern he wears; and the compact disc handles of the wardrobe closet recall his love for music. We also crafted the President’s monogram, embroidered on the pillows, to complete the highly personal design that Atelier Almario sought to achieve within this space in the Laperal Mansion.

Monogrammed pillow in the Laperal Mansion

The PNoy Suite in the Laperal Mansion is humble in measure, but we are delighted to contribute to the brilliant leads at Atelier Almario’s obsessive attention to detail in capturing the spirit of the pivotal, straight-shooting leader who steered the nation’s course into a straighter path. 

President Noynoy Aquino in his Laperal Mansion room

Interior Design Concepts & Creative Direction Ivy and Cynthia Almario, Atelier Almario Photography Jar Concengco, Campfire Media

Creative & Art Director Ric Gindap Monogram and Typographic Art Designer Israel Contreras