Radius: Connectivity Provider Branding Refresh

Advancing the identity of a telecommunications company

Radius’ goals are simple, and at the same time, daunting — to transform itself into a leading connectivity provider, empowering customers with the most reliable fiber-based solutions, and provide connectivity at the speed of light within reach, all delivered with unmatched service reliability.

As a company that supports business growth, Radius needs to communicate these strengths of having world-class fiber optic resources with the best network coverage in Mega Manila. The connections also have a 99.9% uptime service restorations rate well ahead of industry standards.

To fully express this transformation, a brand refresh is necessary for Radius to signal its intent to be a top-of-mind brand in the sector.

Radius engaged Design For Tomorrow to evolve its brand. A framework was developed by employing a detailed process covering a comprehensive brand audit, logo redesign, and updating its visual identity. The assignment extended beyond identity to trade and events requirements like booth design, trade fair spaces, and product demonstration kiosks.

The new logo references both connectivity hardware and the brand aspiration: a graphic representation of fiber optics, communication lines, and a thumbprint to reflect the brand’s capability for personalization and its sense of purpose to leave an imprint in the businesses they support.

Connectivity Provider Mockup Brochure
Connectivity Provider Mockup Business Card
Connectivity Provider Mockup Power Bank
Connectivity Provider Rebrand Launch
Connectivity Provider Promotional Standing Banner

Client Radius Industry Information Technology, Infrastructure Discipline Branding, Identity, Design Location Pasig City, Philippines

Logo and Identity Designer Ma. Cecilia Inocencio Art Directors Bonnapart Galeng, Marlon Lacanilao Designers Ma. Cecilia Inocencio, Shintaro Lopez Collaborator (Environment Design) Kervin Pasco Forward Planner Lorenzo Fresnoza