Mandalay Hill: Coffee Branding

Guiding the exportation goals of the single-origin coffee brand from Mandalay

Mandalay Hill is a premium single-origin coffee brand grown from Myanmar’s fertile and productive estates. The brand pays homage to ancient Burma’s illustrious history and establishes its great potential to be a key player in the international coffee export industry. The brand also wanted to establish a premium value and its provenance and aspires to develop a brand that will bring a slice of Myanmar into the lives of people everywhere.

Having understood the brand’s functional and aspirational goals, Design For Tomorrow set to motion a defining framework and an intensive exploration of ancient Burmese culture and agricultural wealth.

As the sun rises in the east, you get to enjoy first-hand the misty mornings, golden sunrises, and the coffee experience of Mandalay Hill. The brand wants to capture the experience and the heart of harvest and production while discovering this mystical place’s unlimited possibilities.

This exploration and immersion informed an elegant logo referencing Myanmar’s traditions, myths, spirit, heritage, arts, culture, and harvest rituals. We derived engaging visuals and brand language from traditional Burmese line art. The namesake brand’s geographical topography is evident in the packaging and other creative assets to reflect its point of origin. The color palette is rich, dark, and regal, much like their coffee.

Combined with a refined design language, it also pays homage to Burmese art and design. A delicate balance between exoticism and modern elements was imbued into the identity while visually reinforcing the premium positioning of Mandalay Hill coffee as Myanmar’s love letter to the world.

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Client Mandalay Hill Industry Retail Discipline Branding, Design Location Mandalay, Myanmar

Art Directors Bonnapart Galeng, Marlon Lacanilao Designers Patricia Ibañez, Shintaro Lopez Collaborator (Project Renders) Federico Termulo III