Lorico: Fashion and Clothing Brand Marketing

Cutting a directional brand for an Avant-garde, internationally acclaimed fashion designer

Jerome Lorico won high-profile international fashion competitions in countries like Japan and Singapore, leading to an invitation to present a London Fashion Week collection. The London show caught the interest of fashion insiders and changed his life: he interviewed for the venerated brand Alexander McQueen. He clinched the job as a design apprentice, giving him a window into a global power brand’s mechanisms.

Inspired by his training at McQueen, he came home to the Philippines to start his atelier. With his innovative technique, mastery of materials, sharp cuts, and imaginative designs, his brand, LORICO, became well established among upwardly mobile and forward-leaning clients.

In 2017 Lorico approached Design For Tomorrow again to refine his brand identity. After a series of insightful conversations and a complete brand audit, our work needed to articulate Lorico’s long-term vision and ever-evolving aspirations, making it more timeless while still supporting — and not overpowering — his exemplary creativity.

We aligned the identity creation with the designer’s enduring obsession with the lunar phenomenon. This highly personal fascination became the anchor for identity evolution.

The moon is an inspirational and aspirational icon, and the transformation reflects the seasonal fashion cycle — a constant exploit of creation and expiration. The revealing (new moon) and waning (last quarter) of this celestial body also connote “Revelation and Reinvention.” Moreover, the spellbinding moon enunciates a sense of self-awareness, perception, emotion, and transformation.

With the moon phases as inspiration, Design For Tomorrow crafted a sophisticated customized logotype as an elegant and understated device to capture Lorico’s talent and visionary creations.

The refined brand identity created by Design For Tomorrow proved to be a turning point for Jerome Lorico and his eponymous brand, LORICO. As the designer’s atelier flourished in the Philippines, his reputation spread beyond the confines of his home country. Word of his innovative techniques, mastery of materials, sharp cuts, and imaginative designs reached fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders around the globe and it would be more powerful using the fashion and clothing brand marketing.

The moon, an enduring symbol of inspiration and aspiration, became the driving force behind Lorico’s identity evolution. Just as the lunar phenomenon follows a cyclical pattern, Lorico saw fashion as an ever-evolving exploration of creation and expiration. It was a world where revelation and reinvention played pivotal roles, mirroring the revealing and waning phases of the moon.

Embracing this metaphorical connection, Design For Tomorrow meticulously crafted a sophisticated and customized logotype that captured the essence of Lorico’s talent and visionary creations. The resulting design was elegant and understated, serving as a powerful representation of Lorico’s distinct style without overpowering his creativity.

Lorico’s deep-rooted connection to his homeland, the Philippines, played a significant role in shaping his creative process. He drew inspiration from the country’s rich cultural heritage, incorporating traditional techniques and motifs into his contemporary designs. By blending the old and the new, Lorico’s creations became a fusion of history and modernity.

The LORICO atelier became a hub of creativity and inspiration, attracting young and talented artisans eager to learn from Lorico’s expertise. He fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging his team to explore their own artistic voices while pushing the boundaries of design. Through mentorship and guidance, Lorico aimed to shape the next generation of Filipino fashion visionaries.

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Creative Directors Ric Gindap, Marlon Lacanilao Designers Marlon Lacanilao, Patricia Ibañez