Meet a few leaders that we have been collaborating with and what they have got to say.


Previous AVP for Marketing, Eton Properties

“My experience working with Design for Tomorrow was a great example of how collaboration between clients and agency can work beautifully. The branding work they were tasked to take on was challenging, but in the end, DFT gave us a good proposal that was not only visually gorgeous but also inspiring. They did an extensive review of our company processes and culture, and provided branding solutions. Branding helps shape the culture of the company and Ric and his diligent team of creative thinkers helped us realize that.”


Co-Founder, Estudio Arkipelago, Bolero
Philippines, Spain

“Everything changes once you have Design for Tomorrow by your side. Now, I can’t imagine starting a new project without them. They add a whole new level of excitement to the design process. Let me tell you, once you’ve experienced their magic, there’s no turning back.

As an Architect, it’s crucial to help clients articulate their vision before diving into hospitality design. With Design for Tomorrow, it’s like watching a wild and captivating dance unfold. From the organized first steps to the mind-blowing and unexpected endings, their creativity knows no bounds.

But I haven’t just observed their brilliance from the sidelines. As an adventurous entrepreneur, I’ve embarked on my own paths with them at my side. I must admit, I’m a bit of a nightmare for DFT, pushing the boundaries with my relentless passion. Yet, time and time again, they manage to exceed my wildest expectations and unleash a whole new level of design brilliance.

What started as a professional collaboration has blossomed into a lifetime friendship with Ric Gindap, whom I consider a mentor. Together with his extraordinary team, they continue to inspire and surprise us all. I couldn’t be more grateful for stumbling upon this extraordinary partnership.

Thank you, Design for Tomorrow, for bringing more than just design to the table. You’ve infused my projects with a playful spirit and turned them into remarkable adventures. Here’s to a lifetime of unforgettable collaborations.”


Partner, Tancinco + Mangco

“It is not customary for law firms, or lawyers in general, to think about the importance of branding beyond the clothes we choose to put on and the logo we display. So when I met Ric and his team, I was floored by the ideas that we were presented with. I never imagined that even our practice, something mostly taken as boring and gray, could be viewed in such an exciting and creative way. Design For Tomorrow was able to bring meaning to the signs and symbols that we present to our clients, and to the colors and hues that we surround ourselves with.

It was wonderful sharing our dreams with DFT and watching them create not just an image of the firm, but a story that vividly captures not just who we are now, but who we will be in the years to come.”