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Dra. Kaycee Reyes, Founder, Health and Wellness Advocate.

The Kind That Prevents

In Dresden International University, Dr. Reyes studied preventive and regenerative medicine, earning her master’s degree and making her one of few Filipino doctors with an internationally-accredited degree in clinical medicine with a focus on a concept called “well-aging.”

Although the doctor already has a few other credentials under her belt, the preventive and regenerative medicine degree allows her to further realize her ideas about treating the skin beyond what’s traditional. Yes, the creams and the gels help you look your best. But no luxury skin care product is going to do miracles if something else is bubbling beneath the skin, and several external factors may be at play.

Dr. Reyes says, “People think that dermatology and medical aesthetics are only skin deep, but honestly it’s interconnected, and the sciences are intertwined.”

At the core of Dr. Reyes’ Luminisce, a skin care and laser institute she built in 2012, is the internationally-trained dermatologist’s belief that skin treatments need a holistic approach. Dr. Reyes took hold of this idea while working with then Health Secretary Jaime Galvez Tan. She saw the complementing effects of traditional medicine and evidence-based medicine.

“When I was working in integrative medicine in PGH, I was exposed to lots of people who have skin conditions . . . (I got to see) integrative medicine for acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy.  I realized that inflammation in the body always shows in the skin of the patient — no matter the diagnosis,” Dr. Reyes recounts.

After seeing how the two approaches to medicine gave way to the overall health of patients, Dr. Reyes realized it was this precise type of medicine she wanted to practice; that this was her future in medicine.

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Well Aging, Not Anti-Aging

“You cannot prevent aging . . .” Dr. Reyes says, explaining the concept of “well aging” and adding it’s about being mindful of lifestyle. It’s about healthy aging, aging gracefully — see the pattern here. The bottom line is no one can control age. It is an inevitable stage where you can only slow down by making smart choices.

An advocate of smart choices: that’s the core of Luminisce and it’s branding.

Since it opened in 2012, Luminisce has flourished with its holistic approach, focusing on how clients can live happier, healthier lives in the long-term and looking good in the process. Dr. Reyes helps her patients achieve these things through tailor-fit treatments, which typically involve digging into the patient’s medical history, lifestyles, and goals.

The clinic, with its long list of loyal clients and glowing reviews, has become the premiere destination for aesthetic dermatology. A consultation with Dr. Reyes or with her practice’s doctors is more of a collaboration with the patient instead of a typical “here’s what you need to do” discussion with a healthcare professional. Patients are never pushed with products or treatments they’re not going to need.

Along with aesthetic treatments and cosmeceutical solutions, patients can expect innovative approaches to skin and body concerns. And right now, Luminisce is focusing on product formulations, preventive medicine, and neutraceuticals.

Dr. Kaycee Reyes’ days may not be as dizzying as before Covid-19 hit, but she’s still pretty active.

The moment she wakes up, the married doctor with two young kids does some kind of fitness routine (a 6 AM run or 45-minute resistance training) and then meditates for 20 minutes (if she has the time) or 5 minutes (if she has less). She then takes a moment to pray and offer her sense of gratitude and then proceeds to do her usual breakfast routine with the family. At the clinic, Dr. Reyes would see her patients, which were typically 25 before the pandemic and now four to five. Lunch is usually at the clinic, where she does more work and a meeting with her operations team.

Dr. Kaycee Reyes now knows how to head off another burnout. Her days are still filled but not mobbed and no longer unmanageable. Partly because she’s got science on her side and mostly because her creativity has found a collaborator in Design for Tomorrow for Luminisce’s branding.

“I love working with DFT because they’re dynamic. Hindi s’ya boring, parang cool; you can actually make yourself to a different thing if you want to,” gushes Dr. Reyes who adds that every project with the agency is enjoyable.

And Dr. Reyes isn’t finished creating, planning for Luminisce.

“I have so many ideas,” she says. “Sometimes I’m restless. I never stop to be a dreamer.”

Writer Jen Tagasa
Photographer (Product) Jar Concengco, Luminisce Team (Portrait) Luminisce Team
Date Published July 30, 2021