Personal Trainer Jaq Molloy
Jaq Molloy, Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Motivator.

From Buildings to Bodies

Jaq Molloy, or Coach Jaq to her clients, didn’t start out in the massive fitness industry. She worked in another massive industry that involved construction of government buildings, fitouts, and refurbishment of commercial buildings.

In her “previous life,” the mother of two lovely girls was a project manager. A very successful one.

Jaq would handle public and private sector projects, work with clients, designers, stakeholders, and contractors; she would write proposals, negotiate fees, coach and mentor junior staff, source fitouts and relocation for clients, and identify and resolve day-to-day issues with projects. From beginning to the end, Jaq would see every project through. And yes, it was all terribly stressful.

Any other person would be wiped out by the end of the day — or according to science, by 2 to 3 PM.

Not Jaq.

She didn’t bleed out energy nor intention between meetings and site visits and paperwork. Like all high-performers, Jaq sustained energy that allowed her to deal with the demands of her career as a project manager.

“I was always active . . . I figure skated when I was little, and as an 11-year-old, I was part of the school badminton team representing our school at inter-school competitions. I ran regularly while living in Sydney and often participated in fun run events. Strength Training was also something to help me deal with the stressful nature of my job as a project manager. I was always athletic and into fitness before turning it into a profession.”

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“Just Jaq”

The transition from the frenetic whirr of a corporate existence to the balanced hum of a free agent made sense, in the very least. At the most, it became a necessity for Jaq Molloy to make a change.

“I wanted a career that will ignite the fire in my belly and allow me to manage my own time. I have always been . . . thirsty for more knowledge around health and fitness. Not only that, I genuinely want to share my knowledge and help others who find that they need assistance in achieving their health and fitness goals.”

It is the stuff of dreams; leaving the corporate life to become your own boss.

To no longer sit hours on the road but stride in seconds to get to work; the bed to screen commute.

But as a stay-at-home parent with two kids, Jaq’s journey to her lifelong passion was by no means easy. She had to go back to school. She had to take her certification exam. Then she had to get a job at a studio. At Orange Theory Fitness, Jaq absorbed everything as a group class fitness instructor, learning from other coaches, observing each person’s biomechanics and limitations, and developing the confidence to take on private clients.

Coach Jaq may have gotten the skill part of her life’s calling down pat, but the accomplished professional still had to wrestle with some demons; that nagging feeling everyone has tussled with at some point in their life: self-doubt.

“I was too afraid to charge someone for my knowledge in the beginning. Even though it was market rate, I was always worried that no one would pay me and they would think I am a fraud, despite the fact that I know a lot about it and it is worth every cent I charge.”

Jaq overcame the uncertainty, gaining clients as word-of-mouth spread about her positive, personalized, and practical approach to fitness. And she took on more clients who sought the kind of motivation and results Just Jaq delivered.

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Personal Trainer Jaq Molloy In A Fitness Class
Coach Jaq Molloy.

Challenging Yet Life Changing

Much of the success Just Jaq Fit has acquired amid the economic hurdles of a global pandemic can be credited to its founder’s fitness philosophy. Jaq explains that physical appearance and strength aren’t the only elements behind fitness.

“It is as much of a mental game as it is a physical challenge. The overall performance, when you take into consideration these points, makes you a stronger person and eventually a better version of yourself.”

That mental game intensifies with clients who may not have enough inclination to go on a 5K run every morning or take 45 minutes for some type of resistance training in the day. Coach Jaq recognizes this push and pull battle with people who aren’t “exercise persons.”

How do you get a slightly non-committal, non-exercise person to get on a program?

Jaq keeps it light, with easy-to-do exercises and slowly builds the intensity as the client starts to get used to the routine. To motivate them, she keeps every session fun, engaging, and social.

“It is challenging to change your mindset, but so refreshing to learn something new. If nothing is changed nothing changes.”

Just Jaq Fit’s branding itself has gone through a bit of a change as it gains footing in the fitness market. Coach Jaq credits a major change, a milestone of her brand, to Design for Tomorrow / One Triple Four. The boutique agencies handle branding of her business.

“(DFT/1444) formalized my passion in fitness into a profession.”

Yes, the business may have started right around a crisis. But the concept had been brewing long before; that fire in Jaq’s belly and all that.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Jaq Molloy’s need to share what she knew about fitness and health, the desire to own her time and spend more of it with her family, compelled her to develop Just Jaq Fit’s branding. Centered on three simple words that could mean big life changes for many of her clients.

Just Jaq Fit is a Singapore-based coaching brand by Coach Jaq Molloy. This project was realized through close collaboration with our Singapore partner, One Triple Four.

Writer Jen Tagasa
Photographer (Portrait) JustJaqFit Team
Project Director Joan Leong @ One Triple Four
Date Published August 13, 2021