Kind Kones Packaging Cup
Ishpal and Serina Bajaj of Kind Kones
Ishpal Bajaj & Serina Bajaj
Huda and Ravena of Kind Kones
Huda Rohailan & Ravena Hundal

Being the pioneer for the product itself in the country, they understood that it was not just about introducing it to the public; it was also about educating the people. Kind Kones, as their name entails, was founded on the principles of being kind to one’s health, the planet, animals, and each other. Keeping all of these principles in mind while still making the experience for their customers fun and indulgent, they were credited as the store that “makes vegan cool”.  

In 2021, Design for Tomorrow took on Kind Kones’ rebranding–for both their design and strategy. The challenge is to make the brand packaging stand out amid a slew of competitors, expand its target market to include the supermarket category, and veer away from the niche vegan category. The brand will be reintroduced to the market as a plant-based frozen dessert for all, highlighting inclusivity while still maintaining their sophisticated brand identity.

Kind Kones Pint Packaging Flavor 1
Kind Kones Pint Packaging Flavor 2
Kind Kones Pint Packaging Flavor 3
Kind Kones Pint Packaging Flavor 4
Kind Kones Pint Packaging Flavor 5

In order to make the promotion of healthy desserts and honest ingredients a fun experience, Design for Tomorrow directed Kind Kones’ rebranding in an abstract and graphic but controlled and sophisticated way. The color palette from an interior sent by the owners became the inspiration to create a unique color system for the brand identity. We have spotlighted the delightful ingredients and incorporated them into the brand language created for generic retail design and the different flavors of the plant-based frozen dessert. A unique wordmark that perfectly encapsulates Kind Kones’ goal to stand out was created for the brand. The wordmark, as well as the colors, are applied to the brand’s collaterals and merchandise.

Through a carefully thought-of design, a bespoke wordmark, and the application of the strategy and innovation in the overall concept, Design for Tomorrow was able to present Kind Kones as a brand that radiates fun, playfulness, and indulgence. With a new guise, the beloved plant-based frozen dessert has been elevated to a masstige experience – marrying premium and inclusivity whilst indulging a vast majority of current and new customers alike with enormous delight. It is an approachable luxury brand of plant-based frozen desserts that caters to and gives everyone an enjoyable dessert experience.

Kind Kones Outlet
Kind Kones Outlet Wordmark
Kind Kones Outlet Tagline

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ric and the team on the rebrand of Kind Kones. They were incredibly patient and were able to match our vision in a completely bespoke manner. They took the time to listen to our ideas but also brought fresh ideas to the table along with their experience and creativity. Despite being geographically separated, it was a seamless experience and the end result exceeded our expectations. I’d highly recommend Ric and his team!”

Writer Ma. Julie Therese Amos
Photography Amy Asyraf
Date Published April 22, 2022