Most recently, Arthaland unveiled its intent to usher in sustainable design thinking with the launch of Eluria – a sustainable, ultra-luxurious, and super-exclusive residential property in Rada, Legazpi Village, Makati. Limited to only 37 well-conceived units, the project has already garnered LEED, WELL CORE, EDGE, and BERDE certifications without compromising amenities, quality, and ideals.

International architect Michael Banak expresses the ideas and design elements that define Eluria – Arthaland’s prestigious, ultra-luxury development in Makati City. Thanks to Arthaland for providing a copy of the film (produced and edited by The Modern Collective PH).

Eluria’s architecture, with its contemporary treehouse concept integrated with the interiors’ Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, is the masterful execution of FMB Architect Michael Banak

Manifesting a luxury home that is mindful of its context, place, and spirit and incorporating elements of nature results in an elegant condominium, full of space and light and replete with top-line materials, finishes, and sustainable features. MJB further elaborates on the thought process behind Eluria in the above extensive interview.

The Eluria brand, conceived by Design for Tomorrow, echoes the project’s sophistication and craftsmanship. DFT commissioned a bespoke typeface from Tudotype Foundry‘s João Miranda that speaks of the brand’s values, aspirations, and personality. Eluria’s logo embodies “a house flourishing with beauty and light” or “a path to illumination,” communicating mindfulness, wellness, refinement, and purposeful life that embrace sustainable luxuries.

Design For Tomorrow also developed two vision articulation films, a suite of brand applications, an exclusive book/monograph, a brand experience strategy, showroom graphics, wayfinding system, and also instrumental for the conceptualization and realization of Arthaland’s prestige property services to support Eluria’s superior value.

For Arthaland, Eluria stands as its most ambitious project yet, and the commitment to sustainable luxury real estate will be Arthaland’s brand philosophy moving forward.

Architectural Design by FMB Architects
Eluria Showroom Design by Jigs Adefuin of Adefuin Design Studio
Bespoke Typeface by Tudotype Foundry
Date Published April 27, 2023