This launch was inevitable after a successful rebranding launch with their new boutique store in i12 Katong in Singapore with the new branding identity incorporated. The new identity created in collaboration with Manila-based creative consultancy Design for Tomorrow further communicated their mission to be kind to the environment and to the self with what one eats. Branding kindness for a plant-based dessert in Malaysia is a step towards creating brands in Southeast Asia that pursue sustainability and health & wellness in food and beverage products. Their expansion from Singapore is now in full swing to go towards neighboring Asian countries.

Kind Kones continues to share with the world how plant-based desserts are up to par with traditional confectionery, with collaborations on brands that share their advocacy for sustainability and greener living. Design for Tomorrow wanted to honor that commitment by putting their advocacy into their branding and design, creating bespoke yet accessible wordmarks and logomarks for audiences of all ages and profiles. The new retail products are a testament to their commitment to make plant-based products a staple and a suitable yet equally delicious choice as a dessert.

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Date Published March 16, 2023