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A successful business needs a powerful brand. It is needed to build a presence, draw in an audience, and create loyalty. A business that has great branding gives your product or service a top-of-mind position amongst the competition. In the Philippines, Design for Tomorrow is one of the top agencies that can help you achieve your branding goals.

We have worked with businesses in various industries in a variety of branding, strategy, and design needs.

Agrea: Social Enterprise Marketing

As one of the top branding agencies in the Philippines, we have extended our footprint to help and guide different companies across the globe to articulate their vision for their brands – whether creating a brand from scratch, growing and extending an already established brand, expanding identities to keep in tune with the times, and revolutionizing brands towards a completely new direction.

Since 2011, we have been an independent creative consultant agency based in Manila, Philippines, partnering with diverse brands in Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Yangon, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, United Kingdom, Melbourne, Pretoria, and Tel Aviv.

Our extensive experience makes us your best branding agency partner: We articulate your vision. We support your ambition. We express your motivation. Together, we manifest your aspirations. Let’s collaborate!

The Services We Offer

Design For Tomorrow offers expertise through a suite of services to build brands for small-to-large businesses across the globe, across a variety of capabilities such as branding, brand strategy, design, custom publishing, communications, and brand experience.

Kind Kones Branding
Fintech Rebranding Design
Alveo Land: Real Estate Brand Marketing and Custom Publication

Our Work As The Top Branding Agency In The Philippines

We are committed to bridging the gap between your vision for the brand and the execution of an effective brand experience. Here is how we worked with some of our esteemed clients to execute their brand vision:

Restaurant Branding Design

Placemaking and Destination Branding

In a competitive and saturated hospitality sector, a distinct brand identity is necessary to stand out. Apart from the owner and the team, branding is important to raise a restaurant’s profile and visibility to customers.

Design For Tomorrow collaborated with La Picara to create a distinct brand as a Spanish upscale restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Working with young entrepreneurs, a team of chefs, architects, and interior designers, they needed a fresh and vibrant identity to resonate with their team. We saw the challenges and identified a unique identity and value wedge for them. Coming up with customized, elegant wordmarks, it was applied to their merchandising, product labels, staff shirts to bar, and serving accouterments together with an expressive suite of patterns made for packaging, interior details, and murals.

Our team helped build La Picara’s branding from the ground up. The branding we created as the top branding agency in the Philippines later inspired other clients, such as Founders Beauty in Singapore, to collaborate with us.

Denim Brand Landing Page

Lifestyle, Fashion, and Retail

Design For Tomorrow worked with VIKTOR, a denim brand, after their founder and Art Director Ino Caluza sought our services as the top design agency in the Philippines. This project entailed a re-engineering of VIKTOR’s brand, as they were open to changing the logo and its brand assets. 

To preserve the familiarity with the brand, we decided to retain and redraw the distinctive “V” into a shadow of an inverted pair of pants and remake their logo lettering using a more mature wordmark.

Creative and Art Direction

Our reputation as one of the top branding agencies in the Philippines led to us collaborating with ABS-CBN, a leading broadcasting network in the country. This project had us working with their licensing, merchandising, and theme park teams, along with Grit Design, to create a logo and branding for the ABS-CBN Studio Experience. 

Our team devised the customer journey mapping, brand experience design, brand touchpoints applicants, wayfinding systems, and environmental graphics to expand the sectional and thematic branding.

Design For Tomorrow created a logo that captures the experience and feeling of going behind the scenes. We used the RGB brand colors referencing the graphic language of television and the ABS-CBN logo for the sectional branding. The tri-color coding system is utilized in the navigation and wayfinding system, serving as a demarcation for the 3 distinct space clusters. The visual language that simulates actual studio and theater elements such as marquee lights was also incorporated to echo the fantasy further. 

This helped the ABS-CBN Studio Experience to enhance their customer brand experience for the network, while we also built more experience and connections as the top branding agency in the Philippines.

Community Engagement Magazine Cover Design

Medicine, Health, and Beauty and Wellness

It was a collaborative endeavor with the Philippines’ biggest pharmaceutical company: Unilab. They have many successful subsidiaries operating in the health, agriculture, beauty, and allied services sectors. In 2013, Unilab worked with Design For Tomorrow to review their two publications: People In Focus—a magazine for Unilab employees and community engagement; and Bayanihan—a journal for corporate culture, social responsibility, and company advisories.

With our extensive and professional editorial experience being the top branding agency in the Philippines, we deconstructed their two publications and then merged them into the new Bayanihan—a fresh quarterly editorial fusing the needs of corporate communications and commercial lifestyle magazine elements.

Through impeccable creative and art direction, portrait photography, and product styling, we produced a more sophisticated layout and grid, a relaxed photographic style rounding up the magazine overhaul. Our redesign was well received, as Unilab has seen an increase in employee engagement within the Unilab family.

Fintech Rebranding Design

Fintech and Banking Branding

When Bayad Center faced an identity conundrum, they looked for the top branding agency in the Philippines to help them navigate this crucial inflection point for their company. 

To address their issue of being perceived as out of step with the fast-paced, ultramodern, and progressive nature of the fintech world, we spoke to several layers of the organization, up to the security guards in every Bayad Center. We devised a brand strategy and brand architecture to provide a clear direction towards digital banking.

We recommended attenuating the brand name to simply “Bayad.” To better express this new iteration of the brand, we crafted a bespoke and ownable wordmark, putting at the forefront a depiction of the “Power On” button that also nods to its parent company, Meralco, while graphically communicating that it powers up the other fintech brands by providing backend and infrastructure technology. 

We also collaborated with Curiosity Design Research to test the suitability, recognition, and acceptance of the new name and identity. We received positive results, and the evolved brand was greenlighted for the relaunch, with a “You Can Bayad All” advertising campaign conceptualized and produced by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi

Through our brand transformation strategy and design, Bayad accomplished shedding off the unwanted image of a mere payment center to a modern, omnichannel and full-pledged fintech brand. This project further cemented our position as the top branding agency in the Philippines.

Steel Manufacturer Brand Book

Manufacturing, Mobility, Infrastructure, Energy Industries

When Melters Steel Corporation founded by Manuel Sy started growing steadily, Design For Tomorrow stepped in to help them with their brand identity. Their goal was to communicate that they are established, and for their branding to echo a sense of gravitas and modernity. 

We undertook a comprehensive review to deepen insights into the brand’s identity and understand how we could better engage all relevant stakeholders. From this, we defined an evolution framework and created a refreshing version of the old logo into a sleeker-looking iteration.
As the top branding agency in the Philippines, we also offered art direction, typography, brand applications, and a detailed brand book to guide the in-house team in applying the evolved identity of Melters Steel.

Social Enterprise Powdered Food Farm and Founder Photo

Advocacies, Social Enterprises, and Non-Profit

Cherrie Atilano, the founder of AGREA, has one core belief: everyone needs to eat. From a simple desire to help fellow farmers in her hometown in Negros Occidental, she made it her mission to make agriculture accessible to Filipinos, creating initiatives that improve the livelihoods of existing farmers, as well as promoting farming as a viable career path to younger generations.

This birthed AGREA, an organization that sought to mobilize and activate opportunities in underproductive agricultural lands and drive the untapped potential of the agricultural industry. 

Design For Tomorrow helped formulate AGREA’s mission slogan, “Ecology of Dignity,” anchored on the idea that agriculture encompasses all aspects of living, and as such should be approached with sensitivity, far-reaching vision, and consideration of impact and mutualism.

The AGREA brand identity became an international icon, with the help of the top branding agency in the Philippines, and a visual signpost for the movement’s steadfast commitment to agriculture and sustainability. 

Design For Tomorrow also provided the supplementary brand narrative, brand strategy, and applied the brand elements across all collaterals, both print and digital, and guided the stakeholders on the brand implementation and applications. The logo and identity we created became the movement’s shorthand for everything AGREA wants to express and stand for. 

All of these comprehensive branding outputs are what make Design For Tomorrow the top branding agency in the Philippines.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our efforts to be one of the top branding agencies in the Philippines led us to collaborate  extensively with visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs in various industries. Our work speaks for itself, but here are a few testimonials on the quality of our services:


CEO & Founder, BHYND

“I cannot recommend working with Ric and his ‘Design for tomorrow‘ team enough. I have worked with a lot of creative agencies over the course of the past years and I found that working with Ric and ‘Design for tomorrow’ was by far the best professional experience concluding in the most beneficial results I have ever had.

The team showed an in-depth understanding of our industry and was able to super quickly wrap their head around our new product. Even though being situated in a business context, I very much appreciated the welcoming and friendly atmosphere the team was successful to create in our meetings and during our entire collaboration.

Ric and his team were able to bring the vision I had in my head but was not able to implement to life. They showed me what is waiting there outside the box and made it possible for me to see a clear vision for our product. DFT guided me through the process thoroughly which in the end resulted in a clear brand image and strategy for the challenges ahead.

Ric, thank you so much for all the support. I’m very much looking forward to working together on our next project!”


Principal Architect, Buensalido Architects
Philippines, International

“Ric Gindap, or Señor as I fondly call him, is one of the most intelligent minds in the creative industry.

Whether it is about branding, idea-generation, strategy, or just life in general, he always applies an approach that is centered on critical-thinking and empathy.

We have had countless 2 or 3 hour conversations over the past 15 years that I have known him, and I still learn something new from him every time.

There are a lot of branding agencies out there, but if you want a group that really listens to you in an empathetic way, really tries to extract what you mean and what your objectives are beyond what you are saying; Design For Tomorrow, the group he leads, is the perfect match for you. Furthermore, when he visually articulates your personal or company identity, he is able to do so with a consistent sophisticated aesthetic and sensibility, that often translates to timelessness.

Simply put, he is presently one of the best branding minds in the industry.”


Partner, Tancinco + Mangco

It is not customary for law firms, or lawyers in general, to think about the importance of branding beyond the clothes we choose to put on and the logo we display. So when I met Ric and his team, I was floored by the ideas that we were presented with. I never imagined that even our practice, something mostly taken as boring and gray, could be viewed in such an exciting and creative way. Design For Tomorrow was able to bring meaning to the signs and symbols that we present to our clients, and to the colors and hues that we surround ourselves with.

It was wonderful sharing our dreams with DFT and watching them create not just an image of the firm, but a story that vividly captures not just who we are now, but who we will be in the years to come.”


Editor-in-Chief, Design Anthology
Melbourne, Australia; Hong Kong, China

“I cannot recommend Ric Gindap and his highly skilled team at Design For Tomorrow more highly. We’ve collaborated on two projects now – a project for a private client of DFT in Manila where I was commissioned to write text, and another for Thames & Hudson where Ric was brought on to design the publication that I was editing. Ric is creative, insightful, organised and always full of energy – and lots of laughs! I look forward to collaborating again in the near future.”


Head of Marketing, Meralco

“Ric is probably peerless in brand development / refresh work. Great to collaborate with, bringing depth and insight to the table, but not for the faint of heart nor cerebrum nor bougette.”


Executive VP & Treasurer, Arthaland

“I truly enjoyed working with Ric and the Design For Tomorrow team for the branding of ArthaLand, our sustainable real estate company in the Philippines. He and the team were able to link and articulate our company vision and values with the redesigned company logo and slogan. Looking forward to working with him and his team on our future projects.”


Collaborate with Design For Tomorrow, the Philippines’ Top Branding Agency

Design For Tomorrow offers services that meet all your branding, design, and strategy needs. We want to listen to your vision of your brand, and make your life easier by translating your aspirations into reality.

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