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Brands are now facing newer and more complex challenges in the rapidly-growing hyper-digital market. Because of shifting landscapes of the market and consumer profiles and purchasing habits, companies rely on the brand to captivate the audience, while the audience begins to employ a critical stance when it comes to being loyal to a brand.

For a customer to be loyal to your brand, a logo just wouldn’t make the cut. A brand must possess a dynamic and responsive identity, an unwavering brand philosophy, all while being able to provide space for reevaluating value propositions in order to remain relevant, emerging, and useful in the modern world.

This hurdle isn’t largely a concern at the consumer level. Since branding has become pivotal in communicating the identity, beliefs, and philosophies of companies, the task of creating a brand that is dynamic and responsive to volatile markets as well as being consistent in being faithful to the spirit of the organization is a herculean feat.

We at Design for Tomorrow understand that struggle. The burden to always explain the brand to your consumers is not something to simply disregard. Hearing the passionate stories of people working behind their brand, it would be disheartening for people to not understand what it stands for at first glance. It is our goal to articulate that vision with clarity.

As an independent branding and creative studio, we thrive in the spirit of collaboration, working closely with our clients to understand their goals and aspirations, identifying key markers of their identity as an organization, then articulating that vision into a brand that communicates key messages for immediate recognition and recall.

We have made significant strides with our partners in Singapore, taking on a few inspiring projects that inspire us to embark on an exciting venture where we are committed to bring our expertise and experience and insight from different industries in Singapore.

Founders Beauty: Skincare Marketing

Design For Tomorrow is a creative and branding agency based in Manila, Philippines. We aspire to be one of the top branding agencies in Singapore. Since 2011, we have embarked on many creative collaborations with our international clients.

We have partnered with various companies in Singapore to transform their brand into an identity that supports their creative efforts. Here at Design For Tomorrow, we aid our clients in developing, evolving, and revolutionizing their brands through curated branding services and strategies.

What Services Do We Offer?

For our clients to manifest their brands to their full potential, Design For Tomorrow offers services in branding, strategy, design, custom editorials, and brand experience. By closely collaborating with you to realize your vision, we can understand the mission and vision you want to inculcate in your customers.


Who Have We Worked With?

Our international clients come from various sectors and specialties. Since starting in 2011, Design For Tomorrow has collaborated with brands in Singapore to establish and evolve their brand identity to stand out in their respective industries.

Beauty, Health, & Wellness

In an industry that promotes positive and healthy habits, Design For Tomorrow helped brands with their branding and redesign to align their philosophy on beauty to their brand identity. One prominent example is Founders Beauty.

Founders Beauty owner Sonam Uttamchandani had a clear vision: to develop an organic product line for those with autoimmune diagnosis. This was inspired by her journey wherein she had to make a complete change in nutrition and wellness. 

She sought Design For Tomorrow to help her articulate her vision through her products. Since we’re a top design agency in Singapore, our team carefully studied her beauty sector to develop a framework and brand for Founder Beauty.

The result was a logo design that became the DNA for her in-house designs. We created a monogram with the FB initials shaped in leaves to communicate the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients.

Singapore’s top branding agency’s complete work included packing, art direction, visual style, product illustrations, typographic guidelines, and a design system. We also produced a brand book that Founders Beauty uses for long-term application and consistency in branding.

Kind Kones Branding

Placemaking, Property Development, Hospitality, and Destinations

As one of Singapore’s top branding agencies, we have worked with various food, property, hospitality, and tourism organizations to get their names recognized in the industry. One of our unique projects was plant-based frozen dessert boutique Kind Koens.

Serina and Ishpal Bajaj created the first plant-based frozen dessert shop in Malaysia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they expanded their business to Singapore and Bangkok. It was during this expansion they realized that they needed a strong brand identity. 

They knew of our work as the top branding agency in Manila, and reached out to us for help in navigating their branding process. We conducted discovery discussions to understand their foundation, brand pillars, and touchpoints. This helped us redesign the brand and its visual spirit. 

The result was a visual language that emitted a sense of calm and collection. Design For Tomorrow made sure that its logo and branding capture the realness of the products and mission. We made use of close-up photography, handcrafted illustrations, and patterns depicting the ice cream-making process with real ingredients. 

We suggest a change in visual direction for Kind Kones. Design For Tomorrow facilitated making a position statement, new collaterals, and guided applications of the new design through a good brand book. This was a successful undertaking that led us to be considered as one of the top branding agencies in Singapore.

Lifestyle, Fashion, & Retail

Our clients in the lifestyle, fashion, and retail industries sought out the services of the Design for Tomorrow development and re-engineer their brands towards catering lifestyle activities. From editorials and publications, we assist clients in helping them communicate the right message for their brand. Just Jaq Fit, for example, was in the business of fitness. 

Owner and professional coach Jaq Molloy was a fitness enthusiast all her life. She lived an active lifestyle through figure skating, badminton, and running. This ignited her passion for the fitness industry. She wanted to share her passion and knowledge to advocate self-love and confidence through fitness. 

Jaq Molloy sought help from Design For Tomorrow to create a modern and professional identity for her brand: Just Jaq Fit. We helped her distinguish her brand from competitors to capture her target market’s attention. Her brand had a balance of femininity and power that represented her and the brand itself. 

The result was a logo that captured self-reflection and positive affirmation through the twinning effect of the two Js. This fully captured her belief about being self-confident and feeling great about yourself. 

Design For Tomorrow also created an alternative dynamic wordmark that can be used on social media to target the younger market. This wordmark represented the starting point of fitness: a single block. Another block is added as we achieve more goals. 

The brand’s colors of yellow and gray brought a casual and natural approach to Just Jaq Fit’s art direction and photography. This brought a balance of a fun, active, and modern lifestyle. Our process is intimate and deliberate, one which our clients like Jaq appreciate that makes us one of the top branding agencies in Singapore.

Media, Design, Art, Culture, & Creative Industries

Design For Tomorrow’s clients in media, design, art, culture, and creatives range from a variety of fields covering multiple interests and industries. Nonetheless, it is the close collaboration and intentional design that produces the most coherent and impactful brand identities. Active TV found it necessary to create an identity to stand out as a media company. 

Active TV is an award-winning media producer of hit franchise shows in Asia. They bring independently-produced television, series, and content on their platform. They also specialize in bite-size programming and branded content. 

They reached out to Design For Tomorrow for a logo redesign. Active TV felt the need to revamp its brand because of the ever-changing media consumption habits and the saturated sector they were operating in. 

Design For Tomorrow assessed their old logo and other corresponding equities. We sat down with the brand to define a framework. The result was a framing icon that doubled as a dynamic placeholder for the varied content it produces. 

Their new logo revolutionized the company into a bolder and more flexible brand. It showed consumers that they are capable of adapting to future potential brand extensions on multiple platforms while still retaining their brand identity. Being able to reach milestones like this through a thorough branding process makes us aspire to be one of the top agencies in Singapore.

What Makes Design For Tomorrow one of the Top Branding Agency in Singapore?

Design for Tomorrow emphasizes the importance of close collaboration with all of its clients. We work with our clients from the ground up to fully articulate the meaning behind their brand and its products. 

Design For Tomorrow is able to visually articulate your story through consistent, in-depth, and sophisticated design. From conducting various brand analyses to creating improved brand books, our agency conducts vast amounts of research to obtain an in-depth understanding of our clients. As an aspiring top branding agency in Singapore, we also foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in meetings to assure them that they can trust us with their brand. 

Our independent creative consultancy has left its mark on many brands we’ve worked with. Co-Founder of Kind Kones Serina Bajaj describes our experience with her as an absolute pleasure that exceeded her expectations:


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Ric and the team on the rebrand of Kind Kones. They were incredibly patient and were able to match our vision in a completely bespoke manner. They took the time to listen to our ideas but also brought fresh ideas to the table along with their experience and creativity. . . . (It) was a seamless experience and the end result exceeded our expectations. I’d highly recommend Ric and his team!”

CEO & Founder of Founders Beauty Sonam Uttamchandani praised our work as the top branding agency in Singapore, for being able to grasp her mission and vision in one icon and vision:

“. . . I wanted a brand of the future. True enough, as they always have from start to finish, Ric and his team have blown us away. They are the only branding firm who truly understood what we were going for. They were able to encapsulate what seemed to be impossible for me to do, into one vision, one icon, and yet somehow through that illustrate that Beauty truly knows no bounds at Founders Beauty. Their flair for the avant-garde and zeal for creating the best is why they are able to truly design for tomorrow.”

Design For Tomorrow goes above and beyond to meet our client’s expectations. We stress the importance of collaboration to achieve the vision our clients want to showcase and share with audiences.

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