Design for Tomorrow congratulates Prioré Beauty and Wellness Center on its first anniversary! 

It only took a year for this premier aesthetics clinic to become a powerhouse in elevating the beauty scene in the region, providing world-class beauty for Davaoeños and the Mindanao region at large. Davao is set to be the next beauty and wellness destination in the Philippines, putting the region along the list of prestigious aesthetic clinics across the country.

Prioré brings a well-rounded approach to Davao beauty and wellness. Prioré’s top-notch service is an experience of feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin, both inside and out, and the bespoke identity that DFT developed beauty and wellness branding that speaks to both the physical and the emotional. The triumphant celebration held recently was a resounding signal of the success of both the brand and vision of Prioré!

We’re more than excited to see what Prioré has in store for the coming years! Prioré has indeed elevated the beauty and wellness landscape in the city, and we’re more than honored to have collaborated with them in articulating this world-class branding vision to life. 

Learn more about Prioré’s services and more on their website and social media.

Date Published Sept 23, 2023